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Mechatronix: LED heat sinks for the world's leading LED manufacturers.

Mechatronix is a company with which Digimax has chosen to collaborate thanks to its strong vocation for the continuous study of cutting-edge solutions in the field of LED lighting. In particular, Digimax relies on Mechatronix for the distribution of LED heat sinks, for the quality and reliability it guarantees.

The LED heat sink is an important device for the proper functioning of an electronic equipment because it is able to ensure long life and high performance within the systems with which it is associated. Digimax is specialized in offering the customer the LED heat sink that best suits his industrial needs based on size, structure and operation.

Thanks to the collaboration with Mechatronix, the catalogue of Digimax aluminium heat sinks is vast, able to cool multiple electronic components and customizable according to the customer's needs.

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