List of products by brand COLORS LED

Colors: LED Strips and Neon Flex for linear lighting

Digimax is a specialist distributor of Colors LED: LED strips for linear lighting solutions.

Colors is an international brand in the world of LED strips and neon flex, known for the high quality of its products and reliability over time. The wide range of Colors LED strips can meet any LED linear lighting requirement: density up to 700 LEDs/meter, RGB colour, length, outdoor protection and IP code.

Colors Led is the only company in the lighting sector to offer IP67 waterproof LED strips that maintain the colour tone perfectly. All Colors LED strips are CE, RoHS, ISO9009 ETL and ISO14001 certified: not only that, but the new Colors LED Strip models are designed in accordance with the new Ecodesign regulation​.

​The wide range of LED Strip Colors distributed by Digimax

With the Colors LED strips available from Digimax, it is possible to choose the right RGB colour shade and gradation of White light from cool white to warm white, the right length and brightness for creating impressive illuminations in shopping centres, bars, swimming pools, shop windows, offices, but also for outdoor solutions such as road signs and illuminated billboards.

Colors LED strips are ease to instal and ready to use, and thanks to constant innovation new solutions are available (​Silicon Neon Strip and Round Neon Flex​). Colors strips are suitable for LED linear lighting systems indoors and outdoors, thanks to their resistance to dust and water splashes.

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