All-in-one stainless steel and full IP65 industrial computer

Published : 09/10/2020 11:54:40

UTC-520 is a rugged all-in-one computer with a 21.5" stainless and full-IP65 screen, equipped with the latest Intel processor to provide high-performance computing within a compact and robust platform. This pc all-in-one, produced by the company Advantech, offers industrial-grade reliability, extensible functionality, support for major operating systems and flexible mounting options, making it an ideal terminal for various types of applications, especially in harsh working conditions. There is also no shortage of I/O ports with M12 connectors and a wide range of temperature and operating voltage.

Computer industriale all-in-one inossidabile e waterproof realizzato da Advantech

Industrial PC stainless and full IP65

Thanks to the latest generation Intel processor, performance is guaranteed and with DDR3L memory (up to 8GB), UTC-520 is perfect for high computing performance. In addition, the fanless design ensures less wear and even more reliable operation.

Built with SUS 304 stainless system to ensure corrosion and chemical resistance and form a perfect shield in harsh environments.


Waterproof connectors and flexible mounting

In order to achieve full IP65 protection, the I/O port connector is M12 to better protect against water and dust. In addition, there are several ports to act as a multi-functional AiO touch computer which gives it more possibilities to apply it in a multi-tasking work environment. The UTC full IP65 series features standard VESA mounting holes and is compatible with a variety of wall mount, floor mount and tabletop mount options to suit different application environments and ensure practical installation.

Extended supply voltage and working temperature

The wide input voltage range from (12~32V) combined with the wide operating temperature range (-10℃ to 50℃) allows this industrial pc to adapt to different applications. UTC-520 is therefore perfect for on-board machine applications or in very harsh environments.


PC all-in-one con schermo da 21.5 pollici

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