All-in-one touch computer equipped with antibacterial Corning Gorilla Glass

Published : 06/23/2020 10:11:24

Professional touchscreens can spread infections and diseases as they host all types of germs and provide an ideal surface for bacterial growth. In the middle of the current battle to tackle COVID-19, industry leaders have recognized the importance of sanitation to drastically reduce infection rates.

In response to increased sanitization requirements, Digimax has expanded the range of industrial touch computers with antibacterial glass, able to withstand regular cleaning and offer greater hygiene while promoting health protection. Advantech UTC-500 series computers, in particular the 15.6" and 21.5" models, can be equipped with antibacterial Corning Gorilla Glass: scratch-resistant cover glass made with an antimicrobial agent that protects against bacteria.

Touch computer all-in-one con vetro antibatterico

Corning Gorilla Glass: antibacterial protection

The antibacterial Glass Corning Gorilla is produced by incorporating silver ions (Ag +) as an antimicrobial agent. This process has been shown to offer a substantial microbial reduction rate [3 log (> 99,9%)] against a wide range of bacteria under the protocol test JIS Z 2801, internationally recognized industry standard to measure antibacterial effectiveness.


6 advantages of touch computers UTC-515/520

  • Long lasting antibacterial effectiveness
  • Flat, easy-to-clean touchscreen surface
  • Sturdy aluminium housing
  • Anti-scratch glass with surface hardness 9H
  • IP65 front frame protected against dust and water
  • Fanless design to reduce the spread of contagions

Application examples for anti-bacterial touchscreen computers

  • Public services such as bookshops, schools, hospitals and public transport
  • Food&Beverage
  • Retail such as supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Industrial processes such as laboratories, production lines and process control

Touchscreen antibatterici - Esempi di applicazione


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