Certified battery chargers for electric vehicles and portable devices

Published : 07/28/2020 15:30:00

The market for electrical mobility is booming and according to some analysis, the overall market share of electric vehicles will increase from 3% in 2019 to 14% within 10 years. The percentage of hybrid vehicles will also grow from 4% to 9% by 2030. The use of increasingly high-performance batteries both in terms of energy density and in terms of charging technology will be a strategic asset for the development of this market and it is for this reason that Digimax has started specific collaborations and projects related to power supply and professional battery chargers for industrial use.

Thanks to the collaboration with FSP Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of power supplies and battery chargers, Digimax offers various charger solutions with optimized design, with programmable charge curve and high heat dissipation efficiency. All these features, tested inside the Digimax LAB, guarantee high reliability and durability over time, as well as the possibility of customization based on different battery specifications, environmental conditions of use and safety requirements assessments.

We can see below some of the most popular applications.

Caricabatterie professionali con ampio range di potenza

Battery chargers for light electric vehicles and portable devices

For this type of use the characteristics appreciated by the market are lightness, compact dimensions and obviously the presence of certificates updated to current safety standards. For example, the charger for e-bikes guarantees 90% energy conversion efficiency and miniaturized design. Charging status indications are displayed via LEDs and operation is guaranteed even in environments with difficult temperatures between -10° C and +40° C.

Strengths and features required:

  • Designed exclusively for the charging curve of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries and provides over 90% conversion efficiency
  • Four Charging Modes
  • Fan-less design with natural heat dissipation
  • Low operating temperature on the surface of the product that will not cause accidental burns to users, providing safety guarantee
  • Equipped with over-current protection and short-circuit protection
  • Wide Operation Range
  • Comply with Industry Standard


Caricabatterie professionali per veicoli elettrici

Heavy electric vehicle and automotive battery chargers

This specific market includes a wide range of products suitable to be put on vehicles such as yachts, tourist boats, electric buses, motorcycles and electric or hybrid vehicles.FSP battery chargers proposed by Digimax guarantee high efficiency and comply with current safety regulations.

Main features required:

  • Chargers for multi-parallel battery designs; equipped with 95% ultra-high energy conversion efficiencies
  • Water-cooling design, suitable for rigorous environments (-30 ~ +85°C
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Water-proof and dust-proof up to IP67 level
  • MTBF: ≥ 300,000 H
  • Battery Reverse Connection Protection

Battery chargers for electric vehicles for industrial use

In this type of applications battery chargers are considered suitable for particular industrial activities thanks to the power extension offered. The recharging devices have a high conversion efficiency and meet the levels of waterproofness and dust resistance; they are therefore able to operate in harsh environments, ensuring smooth and stable transport operations.

Main features and advantages:

  • Active heat dissipation system and aluminum housing features can effectively extend the life of the charger
  • High reliability and charge quality
  • Provide a long service life in difficult environments
  • There are external and internal products available for selection according to different applications


Caricabatterie professionali per veicoli industriali

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