Compact LED drivers with integrated next-generation NFC technology

Published : 07/02/2024 10:00:00

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology represents a form of short-range wireless communication that has revolutionized how we interact with electronic devices. In the field of LED lighting, using NFC offers a versatile and intuitive solution for configuring and controlling LED drivers and dimmers, allowing efficient management of lighting systems.

Driver and LED dimmers are fundamental components in modern lighting systems, capable of regulating light intensity and adapting lighting to the specific needs of users. Traditionally, the configuration of these devices requires more or less complex procedures during the installation phase, often reserved for specialized technicians.

Thanks to the integration of NFC technology within products such as LED control units, the configuration and installation procedures are considerably simplified, allowing specialized technicians to interact in a simple and immediate through NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Furthermore, the NFC technology offers significant advantages in terms of safety and reliability. Based on short-range communication, external interference is reduced, thus guaranteeing a stable and safe connection between control devices and LED components.

Driver LED Mean Well con tecnologia NFC integrata - Le serie XLC e XLN

The best power solutions with integrated NFC technology - The Digimax proposal

The XLN and XLC series power supplies represent a new generation of LED driver Mean Well with a plastic case, designed with double insulation (class II) for the lighting of interiors and commercial environments. These solutions contain interesting evolutions including compact dimensions, constant voltage and current output, and multiple regulation functions.

Thanks to the constant current output, a wide range of regulation functions are also available which can be adjusted via DIP-switch or mobile app thanks to NFC technology; dimming is also possible thanks to the classic 3-in-1, the DALI2 standard or thanks to other cable/wireless methods such as KNX, Bluetooth or Matter, with a minimum attenuation level that can reach 0.1%.

La tecnologia NFC: come funziona e quali sono i vantaggi

What are the main features of the XLC and XLN series LED drivers?

Products with double insulation and SELV certificates

Complying with the latest safety regulations, the output and regulation circuits are isolated and compliant with SELV (double insulation and safety voltage) designs to ensure user safety and reduce the risk of electric shock. The whole series has full international certification and full range voltage input (Class II/2), making it convenient for customers to match all types of lighting in the world market.

More efficient and more compact

As the light efficiency of LEDs continues to improve, less power and more compact dimensions are required. Therefore, the miniaturized power supply facilitates customers to adapt LED drivers to different usage environments while providing better reliability.

Advanced dimming functions

In addition to the traditional 3 in 1 regulation (0-10 V, PWM signal, resistance), the latest generation smart power supplies are integrated with digital regulation standards such as DALI-2, with the possibility of reaching a minimum dimming of 0.1%. Furthermore, it can be combined with the digital controller DLC-02 DALI, and used within various lighting projects, scenes, or animations.

Endless applications

The Mean Well series of power supplies is complete (12 V/24 V/48 V) and finds ample space among the latest trends in LED lighting; the XLC and XLN series can be used in a truly remarkable variety of applications such as art installations and external facades of buildings. The ability to manage constant voltage or constant current output modes guarantees truly unique flexibility.


Alimentatori LED Mean Well - Le serie compatte XLN e XLC con tecnologia NFC

What are the technical details of the new generations of LED drivers?

The new generations of LED power supplies come with features and technological innovations that mark the way for the diffusion of smart solutions with high energy efficiency. Below are some of the technical details of the XLN and XLC series power supplies:

  • Complete series with constant power/constant voltage (12V, 24V, 48V)
  • Adjustable output current via NFC
  • Full voltage input 110~305V AC (with PFC function)
  • Plastic case with double insulation Class II
  • High energy efficiency with standby consumption <0.5W
  • Standard IP67 waterproof and dustproof (XLN series)
  • 3 in 1 analog and digital dimming DALI-2, KNX, Casambi, Matter
  • Minimum brightness 0.1% (DALI-2 DT6)


Configurazione dimmer led Dalcnet con tecnologia NFC

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