Computer Vision: what is machine vision applied to industry

Published : 06/08/2021 11:30:00

Speaking of Industry 4.0 and process automation, it is impossible not to mention the new machine vision technologies applied to industry, through computer vision. The processing and recognition of images, objects and people is made possible by the combination of hardware and software systems for machine vision, and the benefits these technologies bring to the industrial environment are increasingly appreciated.

The objectivity of quality controls, the increase in efficiency in production, the reduction in labor costs and the constant tracking of processes are just some of the benefits of a machine vision system to ensure automation of industrial processes. But what exactly is computer vision, what benefits can it bring within companies, and what are Digimax machine vision solutions?

Digimax visione industriale machine vision automazione

What are machine vision and machine vision systems

Computer-based machine vision refers to a system of components and softwares for the processing, analysis and visual recognition of objects and people. A computer vision system generally consists of:

  • Digital cameras of various types for image capture;
  • Specific lenses and optics for machine vision applications;
  • Embedded PCs with appropriate visual processing unit;
  • Display or monitor for data visualization;
  • Image processing and archiving software.

A machine vision system, therefore, does not just capture the image like a simple photo or video device, but is specially programmed to actively process the images, interpreting their content and extracting useful information.

Uses of machine vision systems range from academic, educational, government and military, while applications dedicated to manufacturing sectors are referred to as machine vision systems. They share most of the algorithms and functionality, but a computer vision system for industry has a lower cost, greater ruggedness and reliability, and higher mechanical and temperature stability.


The advantages of an industrial computer vision system

In general, the implementation of a machine vision system can automate a wide range of tasks related to the operator's vision. The qualitative interpretation of the human eye is perfectly complemented by the quantitative measurement of the computer vision system, which can be much faster, more accurate and scalable.

With the presence of the operator limited, the use of a machine vision system avoids the need for human contact, eliminating the possibility of damage or contamination of the product. Work time and maintenance costs drop dramatically, while worker safety and production efficiency increase significantly.

In fact, the inspection carried out in computer vision guarantees the highest conformity and quality of production, precisely because it is able to render 100% objective visual inspection with no margin for error. For this reason, the most common use of machine vision systems is in quality control applications in manufacturing.

For example, a machine vision system can check the quality of hundreds or thousands of parts per minute by easily, quickly and precisely inspecting even the most minute details of objects, which can escape the control of the human eye.

Image recognition per applicazioni industriali

Digimax solutions for industrial machine vision

As pioneers in studying and researching the best machine vision solutions, we collaborate with the world's leading partners such as Intel and NVIDIA. The Digimax product range includes all the hardware equipment needed to design the most ambitious machine vision systems:

iRAYPLE cameras and lenses: wide selection of linear cameras, industrial smart cameras, matrix cameras and 3D cameras for image processing, along with lenses and accessories for industrial cameras in machine vision systems;

AAEON embedded PCs: wide availability of embedded industrial PCs, PCI express and industrial box PCs, equipped with Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X module for machine vision, and other specific devices including rack servers and industrial motherboards.

Advantech industrial PCs: complete range of hardware solutions such as industrial chassis, motherboards and panel PCs for the control and supervision of production plants and for signal acquisition and management.

Each project of pc-based industrial vision must be made to measure, according to the specific needs and business needs: Digimax, in addition to providing hardware for machine vision systems, is able to offer a consulting service for the development of the best machine vision system for the customer.

Working with leading software houses, at Digimax we choose to add value to the field of hardware for industrial automation, being able to provide complete and customized solutions for machine vision.


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