Concealed LED strips for profiles and recessed on interior furniture

Published : 11/24/2022 09:00:00

Linear lighting for furnishing accessories requires constant research in terms of design and innovations; for this reason Digimax selects and approves the best LED lighting solutions through stress tests and technical analyzes. Obviously the technical parameters and performance values are essential prerequisites to be able to positively judge a LED strip, however, there are complementary characteristics that distinguish a good product from an exceptional product: elegant design, functionality and touch and feel therefore play a very central role in choosing the perfect solution.

The interior design market is a particularly fitting case from this point of view; the small spaces, the frequent requests for additions and the customization of the design are in fact just some of the particular characteristics that indoor LED strips must necessarily have.

Strisce LED flessibili e ultra slim per incassi e profili

Linear lighting for designer false ceilings and recessed luminaires

The integrable LED strips inside the profiles of shelves and cabinets are equipped with special features: flexible design, antistatic treatment to avoid the accumulation of dust, diffused and perfect lighting integrability. Digimax's proposals for this particular market go exactly in this direction, also adding the possibility of creating intelligent lighting scenariosNJT1010T and NJS0612T combine all these characteristics and thanks to the Color Rendering Index higher than 80 they are optimal both for commercial applications and for Interior Design applications that require a 10mm or 6mm profile. With 4 color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5000K, they offer the possibility of using both warm and cold light and thanks to the structure with lateral "wings" they adapt perfectly to recesses and grooves.

For the ultra slim projects, instead, the super narrow neons NMS0306 and NMS0306T represent the thinnest recessed led strips on the market. Thanks to the 3mm profile they are extremely thread-like and guarantee an effect of absolute elegance and sinuosity; with the side wings, they integrate perfectly into walk-in wardrobes, mirrors and drawer units with shallow grooves where minimal solutions are required.


Recessed LED strips with profile covering wings

The development of linear lighting projects is undergoing constant growth and the lighting solutions are adapting to the market by offering professional LED strips for every use. The presence of wings at the ends has been developed to perfectly cover the cut of the recess, thus eliminating any shadow area and ensuring a perfect degree of integration. This original design does not require the use of additional clips and allows perfect adherence and uniformity with the dedicated profile.

Soluzioni LED per incassi e ultra sottili

Compact linear power supply for mirrors and furniture

Integrating power supply solutions into furniture such as bookcases, shelves or mirrors forces installers and manufacturers to search for compact and integrable LED drivers. The slim design of the power supplies proposed by Digimax makes these solutions perfect for integrating flexible LED strips into false ceilings and furniture.

With powers ranging between 30W and 240W for indoor applications and between 50W and 1200W for outdoor projects, some LED drivers, including Snappy's SDL series, can be configured with the standard DALI 2 for intelligent digital lighting control through unique and customized scenarios.


Driver LED ultra sottili per specchiere e incassi di mobili

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