DC-DC dual output module NMD-240 with 240W for NMP1K2/650 Series

Published : 03/30/2021 10:15:00

After introducing the Mean Well NMP seriescertified modular power supplies for medical applications, now is time to describe the NMD-240 device, a dual output module with adjustable voltage (3-30V), remote control and DC OK, to be combined with the NMP modular power supply.

The NMD-240 module is designed and manufactured to provide dual output to the NMP650 and NMP1K2 modular power supplies..

Alimentatori modulari Mean Well NMP e moduli integrativi

What are the certifications and possible applications of the NMD-240 module?

Featuring 1U low-profile, 2x MOPP, medical and industrial certificationNMD-240 is especially suited for medical applications: biomedical analyzers, devices for magnetic resonance, laser equipment for beauty and surgical centers, and instruments for dental and cosmetic centers.


Alimentatori modulari Mean Well con certificazioni industriali e medicali

What are the technical features of the NMD-240 module?

  • Dual Isolated output channels
  • Independent protection on both output channels
  • Output voltage of dual channels are adjustable via separate SVRs
  • Two sets of remote-control signals
  • Dual safety certifications: Medical 60601-1 & Industrial 62368-1
  • 2x MOPP medical grade insulation design
  • Bi-color output connector indicates polarity of output voltages
  • Comply with SEMI F47, standard for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • 5-year warranty


Applicazioni medicali con l'utilizzo di alimentatori modulari

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