Digimax and LEDiL - Together offering superior LED lenses and optics

Published : 03/25/2021 10:00:00

Digimax has just celebrated its 25th birthday and thanks to its experience in the field of professional lighting, and in particular LED Lighting, offers innovative solutions and personalised advice. Digimax has partnerships with the best manufacturers of LED solutions and in the optics sector, the relationship with LEDiL is the most established.

Ottiche per COB LED di qualità superiore

LEDiL professional lenses for COB LEDs

LEDiL is a Finnish company and is the world's leading supplier of optics through partnerships with all major manufacturers of LED lighting solutions. Finnish design expertise, manufacturing and a global distribution and consulting network combine to promote the best possible solutions.

Thanks to the continuous search for innovative designs and excellent performance, LEDiL optical products offered by Digimax are considered to be of the highest quality and are used worldwide. Close cooperation with all leading LED manufacturers guarantees rapid development and products designed for the latest technologies. Some of the most innovative and successful LEDiL product series include AMY, YASMEEN, ILONA and ILONA-ZOOM.


AMY: compact and versatile series of LEDiL optics

AMY is a series of low-profile lenses that makes size a strong point: the profile of only 10.7 mm makes it possible to meet the ever-increasing miniaturisation requirements of LED projectors. Its versatility is guaranteed by the five beams available, together with the different connection options. The standard diameter of 50 mm makes AMY-50 an optimal solution for low-profile tracks and downlights, while the lens can be easily attached to the luminaire using the top flange or the two Hekla and BJB connector holders. AMY is therefore the perfect optic for shop and hospitality lighting and offers a selection of 15, 18, 24, 36 and 60 degree beams.

LEDiL - AMY - Ottica LED da 50mm versatile e compatta

YASMEEN: quality and beam control by LEDiL

The YASMEEN series is one of the most eagerly awaited lens families offering incredible light quality. This family of compact optics is available in the most commonly used sizes, 70mm, 50mm and 30mm, and beam angles of 15˚, 26˚, 36˚ and 60˚. The LED optics of the YASMEEN family are made of PMMA and ensure easy attachment using the top flange or the two HEKLA and BJB connector brackets, available in black and white. YASMEEN is a perfect optic for retail, hospitality and track lighting, where high-contrast illumination with precise beam control is essential. Thanks to the special technique used, YASMEEN optics also offer high beam quality for Tunable White and Colour Mixing applications.

LEDiL - YASMEEN - Ottiche LED di qualità superiore

ILONA-ZOOM: the best zoom lens on the market

ILONA-ZOOM is a zoom lens with a compact size that allows to adjust the beam of light from 13° to 48°. The unique hybrid optical technology allows a zoomable beam with no axial moving parts, for the creation of simpler, more compact and cost-effective luminaires. ILONA-ZOOM is optimised for 4mm to 9mm COB LEDs and is compatible up to 14.5mm. ILONA-ZOOM is interchangeable with all variants of the ILONA series and it is suitable for a wide range of retail applications as well as museum and entertainment lighting.

LEDiL - ILONA-ZOOM Beam control


To complete the LED optics offer, Digimax has signed an official distribution agreement with LensVector™, a US-based company that uses Dynamic Beam Shaping™ technology to manage and control the light beam digitally.

Luminaires equipped with this innovative technology therefore feature variable optics and allow the opening of the LED beam to be controlled digitally (0-10V, DALI, DMX and Bluetooth), without any moving mechanical parts. The LensVector™ solutions currently available are represented by two product series:

  • S2F series: allowing dynamic beam shaping from 15° to 35°.
  • M2M series: allowing dynamic beam shaping from 8° to over 50°.

Both series are available in 35 mm, 48 mm and 65 mm formats.

Digimax offers its customers innovative and customised solutions, providing first-class hardware, software and consultancy in the field of professional lighting.


LensVector - Controllo digitale del fascio luminoso

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