Energy-saving bi-directional AC-DC switching power supply

Published : 07/19/2021 09:00:00

As technology improves, in addition to comfort and convenience, one of the parameters on which a lot of work needs to be done is energy saving in order to ensure a lower environmental impact. Growing ecological awareness has accelerated the development of renewable energies and among the main activities that can guarantee this trend are electricity conversion and storage systems. With the continued development of solar, wind and fuel cell technologies, the topic of energy recycling is now central, which is why bi-directional power applications with the BIC-2200 series are vital in lithium battery production.

Alimentazione a commutazione bidirezionale AC-DC per il risparmio energetico

How to achieve energy savings and recycling with the BIC-2200 series?

The picture above shows a clear example of AC-DC bi-directional switched-mode power supply. Lithium batteries have exceptional advantages such as high energy density, no memory effect, long cycle life and are ideal power sources for electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and electric vehicles. Due to the high market demand, production quality should not be put on the back burner either, and in order to guarantee a high-quality finished product, two important stages must be passed: formation and battery grading.

After the battery cell has been manufactured, the positive and negative internal materials are activated through a specific charge and discharge procedure. The training process consists of improving the performance of charging and discharging, storage and overall performance, while a simple way to describe the evaluation process is to obtain the battery capacity classification and performance sorting through the charging and discharging process.

As battery cells have to be continually charged and discharged in the formation and classification process, the energy consumption is a considerable production cost. To save on production costs, the manufacturer can design a training and classification system using the BIC-2200 series as shown in the figure below. With the BIC-2200 bi-directional power supply, the battery can be charged when the battery is discharged, electricity is recycled back into the grid and supplied to other loads to save on electricity costs.


Riciclo di energia e funzione di rete AC per energie rinnovabili con la serie BIC-2200 Mean Well

BIC-2200 Series - Mean Well bi-directional power supply unit for energy recycling

With the BIC-2200 series, Mean Well offers a bidirectional switching power supply with energy recycling. The BIC-2200 is therefore a 2.2 kW two-way power supply designed to control both the transmission of power from the AC-DC network and the recycled energy from the DC-AC side. The bidirectional switched-mode power supply therefore allows the grid to charge the battery and at the same time provide electricity back into the grid for significant energy savings. The BIC-2200 is designed with a built-in parallel function, remote control and digital communication function, providing a wide range of design flexibility for battery test equipment, charging stations, laser systems and kinetic energy recovery systems.


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