Flexible COF LED strips with integrated lens for outdoor applications

Published : 06/10/2020 10:00:00

The range of linear LED solutions offered by Digimax continues to evolve and after the latest updates related to LED strips and neon flex LED, it is time to present the new series of COF (chip-on-flex) LED strips.

The latest news from Colors is in fact about to be presented as a world premiere and Digimax intends to better explain this new product.

Strip led con tecnologia COF

LED strips with integrated optics and chip-on-flex technology

The chip on FPCB technology applied to the LED strips proposed by Digimax guarantees peculiar characteristics to these products. Thanks to the extrusion process to which the LED modules are subjected, these light strips are extremely flexible and resistant to atmospheric agents.

The products proposed by Digimax are two models of LED strips with integrated optics. The optics in this case is realized through a particular process of the IP65 silicone tube and makes possible a light beam respectively of 60° and 90°. It is therefore a ready-to-use and immediate installation solution.


Strisce led con lente integrata per un fascio luminoso più stretto

Chip on flex led strips. Features

Thanks to the silicone layer that completely covers the LED modules, these LED strips are extremely flexible and resistant. In fact, the tests carried out have shown incredible characteristics regarding twist and bending with a particularly wide storage temperature range (-40°C +85°C).

The series is proposed with a wide colour temperature range, which is essential for defining the colour appearance of a LED. There are versions with warm light 2700 K, neutral 3000 K and 4000 K and cool 5000 K, in addition to the R, G and B versions.

Strisce led estruse RGB per applicazioni esterne

Digimax offers a wide range of products related to professional led lighting with a particular focus on linear lighting solutions.


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