Flexible LED strips for applications on circle lamps and curved shapes

Published : 05/10/2023 09:30:00

The modern circle chandeliers are now a widespread stylistic solution on a large scale. Their versatility and their circular-shaped design are in fact particularly sought-after elements, both for domestic lighting and for elegant and refined environments such as hotels, restaurants and reception halls.

Linear lighting allows you to develop extremely personalized design projects, made to measure for the environments. In addition to the classic advantages brought by LED technology such as high energy efficiency and longer life, these innovative solutions allow lighting to be managed promptly and precisely in all circumstances and from any device.

Strisce LED flessibili per applicazioni su lampade a cerchio e sagomature curve

Why choose a modern circle shape LED chandelier?

Making curvy and circular-shaped light spots is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create an elegant and sophisticated look in their home or in contained public spaces. The round shape is in fact both aesthetically appealing and versatile, making it easy to complement the decor of any room. The possibility of positioning yourself on points that catch the eye, such as tables, kitchen islands or particular furnishings, further increases the perception of otherwise anonymous spaces.

Also from the point of view of the materials used, the circular lighting can be combined with a wide range of supports, choosing between the contemporary nature of aluminum and steel, the warmth of wood or the classicism of copper and brass.

Strisce LED flessibili per lampade a cerchio e sagomature curve

Ultra flexible LED strips for circular lighting

The LED strips belonging to the S-Shaped line proposed by Digimax were conceived and created to allow architects and designers to create curved and shaped lighting projects, without mechanical constraints.

Available in White, DMX, RGB and CCT versions, the series of S-Shaped LED strips is complete both in terms of features and in terms of available accessories. The high performance of lumen/m, high CRI <80/90 and the incredible flexibility guaranteed by the double row of COB allow this line of LED strips to maintain a uniformity of light flow within a flexible and adaptable structure.

The solutions proposed by Digimax within the LED Lighting ecosystem cover the main requests of designers and technicians; discover the latest innovations in lighting and get advice from our Product Managers.


Strisce LED per punti luce circolari - DS8160

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