High efficiency LED strips in line with European ErP regulation

Published : 02/16/2021 08:30:00

The approval of new regulations for eco-friendly lighting products and energy labelling has resulted in a new set of mandatory design requirements for LED luminaires that will officially come into force from September 2021. Thanks to close cooperation with Colors LED, Digimax offers a range of environmentally friendly LED strips that meet the EcoDesign standard.

Striscia LED Colors  ecocompatibile ad alta efficienza

How to recognise an environmentally friendly LED strip for European legislation?

The new series of environmentally friendly LED strips proposed by Digimax meet the characteristics required by the regulations and will have a specific energy label. The current classification ranges from A++ (most efficient value) to E (least efficient value) while the classification with new parameters will range from A (most efficient value) to G (least efficient value); the new labels will therefore provide information on energy consumption, expressed in kWh per 1,000 hours, and will have a QR code to display more information. The EcoDesign guidelines will make it easier for you to implement this regulation within your own reality and to help you understand the scope of this change, Digimax has created a webinar dedicated to EcoDesign legislation for the lighting market..


Striscia LED professionale ad eleveta efficienza

LED strips compliant with European lighting regulations

The Digimax proposal focuses on high efficiency LED strips and therefore complies with the European ErP EcoDesign regulation. With the D8180 series the demands of the legislator are met, ensuring environmentally friendly LED lighting strips. Here are the main features:

  • Up to 220 lm/W for a high degree of efficiency
  • 9 led/per cutting unit
  • 180 led/m to ensure continuous light without dots
  • UL certificate according to LM79 standard
  • UKCA certificate dedicated to the UK market

The EcoDesign legislation will be mandatory for all light sources sold in the EU and will set energy efficiency requirements and other factors such as bulb life and warm-up time. The new criteria set out in the EcoDesign law will come into effect from September 2021, so don't be caught out and contact Digimax for specific advice.


Striscia LED per Regolamento ErP e normativa ecodesign

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