High-power Embedded PC with Intel® Xeon® Processor with Integrated AI

Published : 06/16/2022 11:00:00

The collaboration between Digimax and AAEON has led to the presentation of the best industrial pc boxes equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors with integrated AI. The constant development of robotics and automated logistics applications has made AI an enabling technology of great interest. Embedded within Industry 4.0 projects, this generation of industrial PCs deals with computational analysis, insight management and of course artificial intelligence, through state-of-the-art computing capabilities.

The capabilities of on-the-edge data analysis and simultaneous processing into shareable outputs makes these tools key to the implementation and management of smart factory projects. Let's discover their features and benefits together.


Embedded PCs with Intel® Xeon® processors and integrated AI. What are we talking about?

We have learned about the importance of industrial computers within smart and on-the-edge applications, but what specifically do these devices deal with and what are their primary features?

The embedded PCs with integrated AI offered by Digimax, are designed to offer fast data processing combined with physical memory up to a maximum of 128 GB. These systems also include a wide range of I/O ports to offer greater flexibility in connecting with sensors, cameras and controllers of various types.

The use of Intel® Xeon® processors offers superior performance, scalability and efficiency through specific optimization for workloads such as workstations and on-the-edge data centers. Intel® architecture enables increased business productivity through integrated AI and advanced security features.

Industrial computers such as BOXER-6840-CFL and BOXER-8332AI-CFL support eighth- and ninth-generation Intel® processors, thus offering superior performance in both computing and expansion, thanks to PCIe, Mini Card and M.2 slots.

Some details are real gems such as resistance to shocks and drops up to 5G of force and the presence of passive cooling systems to support the GPU.


Assemblaggio e test di pc e schede embedded industriali

PC and embedded board assembly and testing service

The Digimax team delves into and customizes customers' needs based on objectives and requirements, selecting the best industrial and IoT solutions. The main services offered within the new XLAB area combine the expertise developed over more than 25 years of experience in developing solutions for automation and industrial networking.

  • Industrial application study and prototyping
  • Assembly, production and testing
  • Logistics services
  • After-sales support and extended warranty

Digimax's technical consulting service offers integrated solutions for industrial automation, from embedded PC systems to display and touch visualization solutions to power systems and embedded IIoT connectivity.


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