High power three-phase power supplies with programmable voltage and current

Published : 05/21/2024 10:00:00

High power power supplies and industrial switching systems represent a key component for advanced energy infrastructures, capable of supporting modern production processes, smart and interconnections between them.

Electrification, digitalization and energy transition also require constantly improving standards of efficiency and sustainability, bringing innovations and technologies into power supplies and transformers from the best brands in the world.

Alimentatori industriali ad alta potenza - Serie RST e NCP Mean Well

RST series: very high power three-phase power supplies

The RST series presents itself on the market with 2 versions of high-power power supplies: RST-7K5 and RST-15K respectively with power of 7,000W and 15,000W. These are high-power three-phase power supplies, available with three programmable outputs, 115Vdc, 230Vdc and 380Vdc.

Both RST-7K5/15K options are certified to the international safety standards EN/UL62368-1 and thanks to the miniaturized size (<2U) the installation in standard 19" rack cabinet.

The main features of the RST series:

  • Universal AC input 90-264Vac;
  • Power supply or battery charger mode selectable via PMBus, CANBus or SBP-001 (only for 24V/48V models);
  • High efficiency up to 94.5%;
  • Programmable output voltage (PV) and output current (PC);
  • Possibility of connecting up to a maximum of 40 units in parallel (10 racks with 4 power supplies each);
  • SEMI F47@200VAC compliant design;
  • Wide operating temperature range from -30 to +45°C (under full load conditions);
  • Possibility to choose two different cooling methods: forced air with integrated fans (RST-7K5/15K) and water (RST-7K5L) with the HS-684 accessory;
  • 5-years warranty.


Alimentatori ad alta potenza per il mercato industriale

NCP series: programmable voltage and current

The NCP-3200 series is composed of three models based on the output voltage: 24Vdc, 48Vdc (low voltage SELV compliant) and 380Vdc high voltage. The NCP-3200 series features programmable output voltage (PV) and programmable output current (PC) adjustable via external analog signals and is also equipped with PMBus or CANbus protocols and can be managed and controlled by the CMU2 control unit.

This series can be combined with 19" chassis rack cabinet, and by connecting multiple power supplies in parallel, a power output of up to a maximum of 128kW can be achieved. Thanks to the 2 in 1 firmware, the models with 24Vdc and 48Vdc output voltage can be used as power supplies or battery chargers, possibly programming the charging curves using the SBP-001 accessory. The model with 380Vdc output voltage is designed as a power supply and is particularly suitable for powering systems that require high voltage and high power.

The main features of the NCP series

  • AC input 3Ø4W 340-530V;
  • High efficiency up to 95%;
  • Selectable water/forced air cooling;
  • Programmable output voltage and current level;
  • Wide voltage adjustment range 1%-120%;
  • Active power-sharing (parallel) up to 30kW;
  • Protections: short circuit, overvoltage, overload, overtemperature;
  • Built-in alarm signals T/DC-OK/Fan failure/AC failure;
  • 5-years guarantee.

Alimentatori professionali per robot industriali

Where to use the high-power power supplies of the RST and NCP series

The Mean Well high power supplies are suitable for building power rack cabinets used in various types of applications such as automatic industrial equipment, energy storage systems, charging stations, server power systems, industrial heating systems and much more.

NCP-3200 series, thanks to the new CMU2 controller, is the best choice for powering industrial applications that require the use of multiple power supplies connected in parallel to obtain greater power.

Thanks to the skills and experience acquired throughout over 25 years of activity, Digimax supports its customers in the development of innovative and customizable projects through a specialized consultancy service, with the ability to manage tests, assemblies and customizations.


Alimentatori ad alta potenza ed elevata efficienza Mean Well - Digimax

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