HMI Human Machine Interfaces and customised solutions for industrial vehicles

Published : 08/03/2021 10:00:00

Based on industrial and technological know-how acquired during 70 years of experience, APEM develops industrial HMI solutions and products of the highest quality, controlling all stages of design and production. This industrial expertise ensures the reliability and continuity of APEM products and is one of the main guarantees for industrial partners. Ongoing research and development also guarantees high-tech products for effective, cutting-edge applications.

Joystick Industriali e interfacce uomo macchina per veicoli industriali

What are the features of an industrial joystick?

The HF series industrial joystick is a multi-axis controller that provides precise and safe control via the ergonomic control, ideal for industrial vehicles and earth-moving heavy equipment. The interface is compact and thanks to the Hall Effect technology it is the ideal choice for applications with low operating force that require lasting accuracy and precision. Here are the main technical features:

  • 1, 2 and 3 axis configurations
  • CAN bus J1939 options
  • HID USB 2.0 interface option
  • Double sensor for redundancy
  • Voltage regulator and 24V power supply option
  • Availability for customisation


Customised solutions for industrial vehicles

The wide range of Digimax products does not end with the proposal of the Joystick APEM and the project followed with MP-HT, company that develops and produces industrial sweepers, is a prime example. The manufacture of industrial vehicles requires an ecosystem of first-class products: emergency push buttons with the XA series, rotating potentiometers, TFT LCD display with touch technology and solutions for power supply for electric vehicles and Mean Well programmable chargers.


Soluzioni HMI - Joystick industriali APEM

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