How to choose the right TFT LCD display and how this technology works

Published : 05/25/2021 10:00:00

LCD technology is now used in a wide range of display devices such as information panels, televisions, monitors, computers and wearable devices. These screens use the optical properties of liquid crystals to reflect and modulate light and over time have completely replaced CRT cathode ray tube devices. With the further development of TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology, it has also been possible to improve the characteristics of LCD screens, extending the range of applications at industrial and professional level.

Moduli display TFT LCD per applicazioni industriali

How does TFT LCD technology work?

LCD screens are made up of glass layers between which liquid crystals are inserted that react to electrical fields. The electrical contacts in the panels are therefore able to stress the pixels that make up the image within the panel. TFT monitors are an evolution of LCD technology and, thanks to thin layers of active semiconductors, introduce the concept of passive and active matrix. The active matrix in TFT LCDs is more innovative and provides a faster response time and more precise voltage control, creating a sharper and more contrasted image. Among the other improvements introduced by TFT panels, it is worth mentioning that the viewing angle is greater with this technology and that the image is always sharp and in focus.


What are the most popular TFT LCD displays on the industrial market?

The Ampire industrial displays promoted by Digimax represent the most innovative solutions available on the market. The range of devices includes TFT displays with control board, high brightness and wide viewing angle monitors, monochrome screens and customisable sizes. Industrial displays are also available with capacitive or resistive touch screen, with support for HDMI signal, IPS technology and in a variety of form factors.

Thanks to the experience gained in the industrial field and thanks to the assembly and testing service carried out in the specialised laboratory, Digimax also offers the possibility of customising kits made up of TFT displays and ready-to-use PC boards..


Assemblaggio display industriali con schede pc mothoerboard

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