Industrial image and face recognition solutions for corporate security

Published : 07/30/2020 15:35:00

Among the industrial applications of machine vision, Digimax has developed considerable experience in the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions for corporate security. Thanks to strategic partnerships and detailed consulting, Digimax has in fact developed ready-to-use solutions; smart industry and industrial automation are no longer abstract concepts.

Corporate security and PPE recognition: consulting and solutions

Within particular industrial environments one of the most interesting and requested applications is the monitoring of production areas. Thanks to the combination of specific product series, Digimax is in fact able to guarantee the best solutions on the market and develop dedicated software applications together with the customer.

The OMNI display series developed by AAEON, includes industrial display panels available in different sizes, (10,4", 12,1", 15", 17", 19", 15,6", e 21,5") with PCAP or resistive touchscreen technology. With an elegant and robust design, these industrial panels are IP65 certified and are therefore designed for use in harsh environments. The wide input power supply range and the operating temperature range (-10°C~55°C) make these panel PCs the perfect interface for on-board machine or access control applications.


Pannelli display industriali modulari proposti da Digimax

Another hardware product particularly suitable for this type of application is the innovative AAEON pc box BOXER-6405. Ultra-compact PC dedicated to artificial intelligence applications for smart industry. Equipped with four USB3.0 ports and three COM ports, this versatile device can be easily connected in edge computing mode. The deep learning module allows the BOXER-6405 to act as a powerful edge AI device, while the advanced VPU enhances the system's already formidable machine vision capabilities. Thanks to the Movidius intel Myriad X module, the computing power offered by this device is in fact able to handle countless machine vision applications.

Finally, through the use of industrial cameras selected by Digimax and the development of dedicated software applications you can also recognize individuals, worn objects, physical states and more. In the case study treated by Digimax, the application is able to recognize the PPE devices required within a given working environment, thus ensuring the safety and security of workers.


Applicazioni industriali di image e face recognition

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