Innovative solutions and technologies for water treatment

Published : 05/06/2022 11:00:00

Smart water management is a vital activity for the maintenance of this precious and increasingly scarce commodity. This is why the tools and technologies for analysis, control and supply of drinking water are constantly being developed and even allow the reuse of wastewater for domestic consumption.

The market for water control and management technologies offers countless solutions, thanks in part to a newfound awareness of environmental sustainability. The synergies between public institutions and private companies, combined with technical developments, have made it possible to achieve incredible goals. Let's take a look at the possible applications.

Gestione e trattamento delle acque - Le migliori tecnologie

What are the IoT applications dedicated to water management?

The deployment of IoT applications within industrial environments is an established reality. The evolution of technologies and industrial communication standards as NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)CoAP and Protocol Buffer (Protobuf) have bridged the technology gap that needed to be overcome to offer reliable and secure solutions.

Agriculture 4.0 applications such as crop monitoring are now multiplying thanks to increasingly intelligent devices that can analyse and monitor various parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure. Temperature management is also an activity that cuts across many sectors and the proposal for low temperature monitoring is an extremely popular example.


Agricoltura 4.0 e tecnologia. Possibili applicazioni e device

What are the possibilities offered by Digimax?

The wireless water leak sensors are extremely versatile solutions for the remote monitoring of water flows in order to control water consumption and leakage. These smart sensors are a specific solution for isolated and geographically difficult to reach water systems, where the control of water consumption is particularly difficult and costly.

The analysis of meter data brings with it many benefits including reducing bills, quickly detecting anomalies and minimising the effects of possible flooding. Settings can be customised and data is presented as water flow (litres per minute) or as water consumption over a given period of time (m³).

Efento NB-IoT pulse counters transmit data over a cellular network (Narrowband IoT) and do not require additional devices (routers, gateways, etc.). This is an incredible advantage during installation that can offer significant savings in terms of time and costs; the other most appreciated advantage is the possibility to integrate the Efento NB-IoT pulse counters with any pre-existing cloud platform. And thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy interface, you can quickly configure your application with a smartphone.

  • Batteries provide up to 10 years of maintenance-free operation
  • NB-IoT sensors send data over the cellular network to the Efento Cloud or any other cloud platform
  • Measurement period: 1 minute - 10 days (user configurable)
  • User-configurable alarm thresholds. If any of the thresholds are exceeded, the sensor will immediately send data to the platform
  • Sensor configuration can be changed remotely from the cloud or with a mobile application via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • The device stores 40,000 measurements in its memory; when the memory is full, the oldest measurements are overwritten


Tecnologia NB-IoT per applicazioni di analisi idrica

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