IoT Efento sensors for vineyard and farming monitoring

Published : 09/08/2020 15:30:00

To manage a vineyard and guarantee a high yield it is essential to select the right grape variety according to the environmental conditions. Specific parameters such as SAT and GDDC have been introduced to quantify the influence of temperatures on the planted screws. These parameters are calculated according to temperature, SAT identifies for example the sum of all the days of the season when the average temperature is higher than 10° C, and both can be used as indicators at the beginning of the grape harvest.

In order to guarantee specialized solutions in smart farming applications, Digimax has partnered up with Efento, a dynamic company focused on integrated solutions for monitoring and analysis of environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure...) and winner of many international awards.

Sensori IoT per monitoraggio vigneti e agricoltura 4.0

What are the best technologies for wireless IoT sensors?

Efento implements integrated solutions for monitoring various physical parameters through wireless sensors, advanced cloud platforms and mobile applications. Data is in cloud in real time using the best wireless technologies on the market:




The strengths of the intelligent sensors Efento are therefore the ease of installation, the possibility to integrate the sensors with existing platforms and the replaceable battery power supply.


Sensori di temperatura e umidità per applicazioni IoT

What are the possible applications in agriculture 4.0?

An interesting application for monitoring vineyards is realized through the installation of two Efento loggers equipped with external probe. One device measures the temperature at ground level and the other at a height of 1.5m. To ensure that the temperature is reliable and not affected by solar radiation, the temperature probes have been placed in special radiation shields and the IoT sensors have been placed inside airtight enclosures that provide protection from moisture, water and wind.

The Efento sensors are powered by a battery that guarantees a duration of more than 2 years and their internal memory contains up to 28,000 readings, which can be downloaded at any time via Bluetooth technology. When the memory is full, data is overwritten and older measurements are replaced with new ones. The measurements are also programmable (in this case they have been set every 20 minutes) and the data is read through the use of smartphones or tablets through the dedicated application (free download from Google Play Store).

The applications in smart agriculture IoT are extremely varied and Digimax intends to offer its customers safe and tested solutions.


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