LED drivers with Casambi and Bluetooth mesh module dedicated to smart lighting

Published : 11/19/2020 10:00:00

Smart lighting is a rapidly developing trend that aims to integrate LED luminaires and home devices into a single network, managing them directly from the smartphone. The development of wireless technology over the years has broken down many barriers to the spread of these smart lighting solutions and thanks to some specific partnerships, Digimax has developed targeted solutions. LED drivers with Casambi and integrated Bluetooth Mesh module (LCM and PWM series) meet these requirements and are designed for both constant current (dip-switch adjustable) and constant voltage projects.

Driver LED smart per applicazioni di illuminazione intelligente

What are the main features of smart power supplies

This range of products has several functions to control and manage lighting: groups, scenes, timers but also integrated devices such as switches and light sensors. Let's see the main features:

  • Constant Current output and adjustable by dip switch (LCM series)
  • Constant Voltage output with 12V/24V/48V (PWM series)
  • Flicker-free design
  • Plastic housing and class II design without FG
  • Built-in active PFC function and Efficiency up to 92%
  • Dimming functions: Bluetooth Mesh and Push dim (LCM-BLE series)
  • Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over temperature


What are the main applications of smart LED drivers

The smart LED drivers of the LCM and PWM series proposed by Digimax are widely used within wireless controlled smart lighting applications. Buildings and controlled spaces with Bluetooth Mesh technology and third-party applications such as Casambi are a specific case and highly appreciated by the market. Casambi technology is the most advanced in the world for the management of wireless lighting systems and Digimax is a strategic partner for the Italian market.


Applicazioni di utilizzo per alimentatori intelligenti per la gestione della luce

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