LED lighting systems: dynamic control with ProtoPixel

Published : 06/25/2024 10:00:00

Thanks to modern LED technologies and light control systems such as ProtoPixel, today it is possible to dynamically and intelligently manage lighting, opening new opportunities for personalization and creativity but also for savings and efficiency.

Lighting design or Lighting Design, i.e. the study of the different ways of using artificial light for specific purposes, is a discipline used in LED Lighting projects which is based on a simple principle: correct lighting not only promotes visual comfort but also influences mood, performance, and even circadian rhythms.

In recent years, the lighting field has been going through a profound change thanks to the introduction of modern LED lighting systems: similar to the development of industrial automation, these allow us to design and manage more efficiently and light devices through technologically advanced features.

Light design is therefore undergoing a digitization process, as was the case for audio and video: consequently, even in the LED Lighting market there is a need to understand and apply the various potentials of light control.

Le soluzioni più avanzate per l'illuminazione LED decorativa con ProtoPixel

What is intelligent dynamic lighting: advantages and applications

Intelligent lighting systems bring light design processes to a higher level of flexibility and management. These solutions, thanks to specific digital devices, offer total lighting control of any design space.

The advantages for architects, light designers, clients and users are many:

  • Significant energy savings, thanks to the ability to precisely program the switching on, off and intensity of the devices based on real needs;
  • Optimization of the lifespan of the luminaires, in particular thanks to the Ecodesign regulations, thus allowing a reduction in maintenance and management costs
  • Complete lighting customization, adjusting with a simple touch not only the light levels, but also the color temperature to create the perfect atmosphere for the most varied environments - offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Possibility of creating dynamic lighting projects adapting to the working hours and daily rhythms of users, promoting comfort and psychophysical well-being.

In particular, the adoption of networking technologies for the control of lighting systems is also opening up new horizons in the management of the systems themselves.

In addition to allowing scheduled maintenance and remote management activities, these advanced light control systems allow the layout of the system to be configured exclusively via software applications, eliminating the need to carry out physical interventions on the wiring of the light fixtures and control points.


L'integrazione tra Casambi e DALI attraverso un solo device

Lighting control systems: hardware and software

An LED lighting system is made up of various hardware and software parts, which work in synergy to allow total customization of the light scenes.

On the hardware side, we first find the actual light fixtures, such as strip LED or COB LED, which must have particular technical specifications to work with the control devices, including dimming and color adjustment capabilities.

However, the heart of dynamic systems are the light control devices, which manage the flow of information and commands to the devices: LED drivers and LED dimmers allow you to vary the levels or colors of light and automate switching on or off based on preset logic, often through control interfaces and signal repeaters.

These components then interface with software: the most advanced LED systems are based on network architectures and communication protocols such as DALI, DMX or Casambi, which allow real-time configuration of lighting layouts.


Illuminazione per incassi e mobili

ProtoPixel: Pixel to Pixel dynamic LED light control

Only the integration of advanced hardware and software systems for LED Lighting allows you to take advantage of the potential of smart dynamic lighting.

ProtoPixel represents a cutting-edge solution for the dynamic control of professional light: a hardware and software platform that allows precise and detailed lighting management on every single pixel.

The heart of Pixel to Pixel technology is Node, a mini-computer capable of managing entire large-scale lighting projects, even remotely. Each Node can control thousands of independent LED pixels based on external signals. Furthermore, the versatility of the ProtoPixel controller allows maximum stability and safety of the entire system: a single 8-channel controller is sufficient to drive up to 5000 RGB LEDs (9600 if we are talking about Long-Range Controllers).

ProtoPixel integrates perfectly with the DALI, DMX and DALI 2 protocols, simplifying implementation in existing LED Lighting systems, for which Digimax offers a wide availability of components and catalog products. Trust our consultancy to develop a complete Light Design project and obtain superior results.


Il controllo dell'illuminazione presso esposizioni artistiche

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