Microsoft has discontinued Windows 7 support service

Published : 01/20/2020 16:27:56

Microsoft committed to providing 10 years of technical support for Windows 7 when it was released on October 22, 2009. This 10-year period has ended and Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 7 so that it can focus on supporting the latest technology. The specific day of end of support for Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems has been set for January 14, 2020 and for Windows Embedded Standard 7 it will be October 13, 2020. Windows Updates will no longer be available.

Supporto Microsoft a Windows 7 e consigli Digimax

These are the key points related to the future of Windows 7:

  • Windows 7 will continue to run without updates
  • Using Windows 7 on isolated systems that are not connected to the network will not pose any security threats
  • Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems will be available until 30-09-2024
  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 will be available until 27-07-2025
  • Windows 7 will no longer be considered for new product development by IPC manufacturers


What does Digimax recommend for the management of new projects?

Digimax will continue to provide technical and commercial support to its customers who still use Windows 7; the operating system, as mentioned above, will continue to work even without updates. The best solution, however, is to upgrade your hardware to Windows 10 as soon as possible, to avoid that assistance is no longer available and to avoid running into the countless threats on the web..

Which version of Windows does Digimax particularly recommend?

There is no doubt about it, the version recommended by Digimax is definitely Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, that is the ideal version for Embedded PC systems and for professional use. Introduced by Microsoft in 2016, this version was revised in 2019 in order to better address some of the stability and safety requirements of products that are essential in these application environments.

Windows 10 IoT: la versione Microsoft consigliata per progetti embedded professionali


Additional features and customizations of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise:

  • UWF: filter that allows you to protect a partition or the entire system disk from writing
  • KIOSK MODE: direct start of proprietary application without Windows display
  • USB, TOUCH and KB Filter: allow you to lock the use of gestures, hotkeys (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-Del) or other key combinations

A further advantage is the fact that for this version of the operating system, Microsoft has provided a pricing policy linked to the types of microprocessor on which the installation is carried out and in detail:

  • ENTRY for all Intel Atom or Celeron class processors usually onboard (es. J1900, N3350 and N4200)
  • VALUE for all Intel Celeron and Pentium class processors that are socket mountable and therefore removable, plus all Core i3 and Core i5 family processors
  • HIGH END for all Core i7, i9 and Xeon family processors

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