Monitoring systems for photovoltaic power generation plants

Published : 10/14/2021 10:00:00

The photovoltaic power generation systems have the function of converting solar energy into electrical energy using the principle of the photovoltaic effect. There are multiple major components: the generator (panels), the power conversion system (inverter), the support structure and obviously the photovoltaic system monitoring system that allows you to manage and monitor the efficiency and working status of the entire system. All these elements are characterized by high reliability, long life and low environmental impact, ensuring the production of clean, non-polluting and environmentally friendly energy.

Impianto fotovoltaico - Sistemi di monitoraggio

How to manage a professional photovoltaic system?

The communication and management system for photovoltaic power generation under consideration consists mainly of a Mport3102 serial device server, which converts a serial signal from the inverter into an Ethernet data packet; a MIEN6208 switch Ethernet in the outer room that collects the data packet coming from the serial device server and a MISCOM6026 center-mount rack-mount star switch in the control substation that processes, analyzes and stores data from the Ethernet switch.

The next step is to connect the MISCOM6026 center-star switch to the various forecasting systems (AVG, AVC, weather and power forecasting) and other background systems.

Each MIEN6208 Ethernet switch corresponds to one outdoor room, and the production area of industrial PV systems generally consists of 20-100 outdoor rooms. Through this facility, operators can remotely monitor and control equipment in the power generation area, greatly reducing on-site maintenance workload and personal safety hazards.


Impianto fotovoltaico - Ecosistema di prodotti

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