QAE100U series: DC/DC Converters for Railway Applications by P-DUKE

Published : 11/29/2019 15:57:35

Here is the new series of DC/DC Converter for Railway Applications presented by P-DUKE. We are talking about the QAE100U series; the latest series of DC/DC Converters with EN50155 certification, indispensable for Railway Applications.

DC-DC Converter della serie QAE100U per applicazioni ferroviarie

DC/DC Converter QAE100U: Features and Certifications

  • 100W Output Power
  • Up to 3.000 VAC Isolation Voltage
  • 12:1 Input Range: 9-75, 14-160 VDC
  • Compliance EN50155 Railway Standard
  • Output Voltage: 5, 12, 15, 24, 28, 48, 53VDC
  • Standard 1/4 Brick Package
  • Programmable Under-voltage Lockout

DC-DC da circuito stampato per trasporti

The QAE100U series, thanks to its technical characteristics, is ideal for railway applications, industrial automation, heavy industry and data measurement applications, as well as solutions for data transmission.


Alimentatori DC-DC per il mercato dei trasporti

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