Silicone Neon Strip 3D for flexible LED applications

Published : 07/15/2019 10:09:12

The new flexible LED strips presented by Colors are a real revolution for the professional lighting market; although this technology has been on the consumer market for years, it is mature enough only now to be promoted in the professional market.

Strip LED flessibili in silicone per applicazioni interne di design

How they are made

The flexible LED strips made by Colors and promoted by Digimax consist of a U-shaped silicone folding profile with a LED strip inside. The profile is then covered with opaque anti-static silicone, so that the light is extremely diffused.


Applicazioni LED a luce omogenea e diffusa

The Silicone Neon Strip Colors meet the world's leading safety certifications by achieving the IP67 code with regard to water and dust resistance, a feature that allows these LED strips to be used in outdoor environments or in contact with water jets.

Strisce LED flessibili per applicazioni esterne certificate IP67

Another factor that will lead you to consider the use of these products is certainly the possibility of physically cutting the silicone LED strips, applying special connectors at the ends to obtained waterproof again.

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