SLIM-CBU-DALI: the most intuitive DALI-Casambi converters on the market

Published : 06/05/2024 10:00:00

The smart lighting market is constantly evolving through the continuous development of intelligent control standards that promise to simplify and enhance LED lighting solutions for various contexts, including domestic and commercial environments.

The integration of these digital protocols is a fundamental question for system integrators and lighting designers and Dalcnet has developed a solution to manage DALI2 lighting projects through the simple and immediate interface provided by the Casambi app.

The leading Italian company in the development of innovative solutions for the control of LED lighting has developed a product that combines the strengths of DALI2 and Casambi: the SLIM-CBU-DALI converter.

Dalcnet - SLIM-CBU-DALI - DALI and Casambi integration

The integration between DALI2 and Casambi standards in a single product

DALI2: the advanced digital control for LED lighting

DALI2, an acronym for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is the second generation of the DALI standard, designed to offer advanced digital control for LED projects. This standard is among the best-known and most appreciated to manage individual lights or groups of lights up to a maximum of 64 addresses, supporting dimming, color adjustment and other advanced functions. Thanks to the open architecture, DALI2 is widely used in lighting projects for commercial buildings, offices and public spaces.

Casambi: the standard for wireless light management

Casambi represents a wireless control standard (wireless) based on Bluetooth technology, designed to be intuitive and easy to use. With the Casambi mobile application, users can control lighting directly from their smartphone or tablet, with features such as dimming, creating scenes and scheduling lighting events. Casambi is particularly appreciated for its flexibility and simplicity of configuration, making it ideal for retrofits, residential installations and commercial spaces.


SLIM-CBU-DALI: Dalcnet's innovation for the integration between DALI2 and Casambi

In this landscape dominated by different control standards, Dalcnet, Italian company leader in lighting innovation, has developed a product that combines the strengths of DALI2 and Casambi: the Casambi to DALI master SLIM-CBU-DALI.

This revolutionary converter allows you to manage DALI lighting projects directly from the Casambi mobile application, creating a real bridge between two of the most important standards in the sector. With SLIM-CBU-DALI it will finally be possible to integrate the advanced features of DALI2 and the ease of use of Casambi in a single device.

SLIM-CBU-DALI is a Casambi to DALI converter or Casambi to 0/1-10V, therefore capable of receiving a command signal from the Casambi APP and converting it into a command for the DALI protocol or in a 0/1-10V analog signal.

Protocolli DT6 e DT8 per lo standard DALI2

SLIM-CBU-DALI: product characteristics and specs

The SLIM-CBU-DALI master comes in slim format 136x29x21mm and ensures power supply to the DALI BUS. What are the most interesting characteristics and features of this product?

  • Slim design: the form factor is characterized by a slim and compact design, ideal for installations with limited spaces.
  • DALI compatibility: thanks to DALI technology, this device can integrate with existing lighting systems, offering precise and scalable control without further wiring.
  • Lighting adjustment: adjusting the brightness of the LEDs will be simple and intuitive through programmed dimming curves and Casambi circadian cycles.
  • Easy installation: thanks to the compact design and the possibility of resistant connections, the installation of SLIM-CBU-DALI is quick and intuitive.
  • Clean button contact: free of voltage and therefore presents no potential difference.

Dimmer LED Dalcnet per il controllo dell'illuminazione LED Casambi

The Made in Italy project for Casambi-DALI integration

SLIM-CBU-DALI represents an innovative and completely Made in Italy solution dedicated to smart lighting control, combining the power of DALI2 with the ease of use of Casambi. With this product, Dalcnet redefines how LED lighting is designed and managed, making it more flexible, intuitive and suitable for various applications.

If you are looking for a device that combines the best of both standards, SLIM-CBU-DALI is the perfect solution.


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