Custom displays and special touch panels for industrial applications

Published : 11/26/2020 15:15:00

The features researched in industrial displays and touch panels are not always standard and it is for this reason that Digimax can provide display touch with special features.

Displays are not all the same and may vary not only depending on the manufacturer but also on the features offered such as size, touch technology, brightness, cover lens customization and more.

Display with water-resistant touch technology and for outdoor use

One of the most common scenarios is the one related to outdoor environments, wet or rainy. The touch technology of Digimax displays recognizes the touch even with a surface completely wet or covered with dew. This type of display is mainly used in outdoor environments or in production areas where there is the presence of liquids. Another important innovation is the recognition of touch with the glove; in this way, the operator can continue his work without taking off his gloves, thus working in total safety. In this case it is also possible to calibrate the touch firmware according to the fabric of the glove used, for better reliability, accuracy and safety over time.


Customization of touch panels and accessories available

The degree of customization that the Digimax technical lab guarantees, considers also accessory features; here below we list some of them.

  • Video display interface: HDMI, LVDS or TTL-RGB
  • Complete module power supply: via micro USB
  • Touch Technology : capacitive or resistive
  • Cover lens: with silkscreen printing and customized design
  • Kit composition with display and motherboard

Pannelli touch industriali con montaggio a pannello

High-brightness and special size display

In addition to standard display solutions, Digimax proposes a series of special solutions; the proposal of circular displays responds for example to the need of draught drinks for restaurants and bars. Finally, brightness is also a fundamental characteristic, given the need to use panels in outdoor environments. Digimax provides very high brightness display solutions from 800 to 2000 nits, so they can also be used with solar reflection.


Display touch rotondi per impianti di ristoranti e bar

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