The easiest and most straightforward peak current limiter to install

Published : 05/05/2022 10:30:00

Inrush Current Limiters are essential components within industrial designs and their correct use helps to avoid internal damage to electrical components. The application of Inrush Current Limiters within complex lighting designs allows the peak current at system start-up to be optimised, saving energy and money.

Within this framework, one of the main requests from installers and system integrators is the need to fit Inrush Current Limiters such as Camtec's ESB101 into smaller spaces than usual. The German company, in collaboration with Digimax, has therefore developed the ESB001, one of the most compact and space-saving Inrush Current Limiters on the world market.

Inrush Current Limiter - Più compatto che mai - Digimax

What are the key data of the new ESB001?

  • It's 2 times smaller than the ESB101 and has the same technical performance: it can deliver 3680W AC power in a 1HP (0.7 inch) enclosure for control cabinets;
  • It is designed for capacitive loads (like the ESB101, it cannot limit transformers, motors or other non-capacitive loads).
  • The ESB001 also requires less space for mounting. Unlike the ESB101, no space is required next to the unit, so it can be mounted near an MCB.

This features saves a lot of space: the ESB101 required an additional 1TE (18mm/0.7") of mounting space from both sides. Now the ESB001 is only half the width of the ESB101 and does not require any additional space for passive devices.


Why choose ESB001 over ESB101?

Camtec is a world leader in current limiters and the ESB101 is one of the most popular and up-to-date products for system integrators, so why develop an alternative product?

The number one objective is space. Various feedbacks from customers and system integrators have highlighted the problem of space management in building lighting. Control cabinets already installed for conventional lighting projects are too often limited for the design of new LED lighting installations.

With the ESB001, the number of installed circuit breakers can be lower due to the higher efficiency of LED solutions compared to conventional lighting. The installer can therefore reduce the number of circuit breakers (MCBs) to get more space to dedicate to the compact ESB001 solution (the space occupied is the same as for an MCB). In this way, there is a possibility that he does not even have to install a new control cabinet.

Limitatori di corrente di picco per progetti industriali - Digimax

What are the applications and environments where an Inrush Current Limiter can be used?

The new ESB001 is an Inrush Limiter for lighting applications, while the ESB101 can also be used in complex machine building, UPS systems, lifts and emergency lighting. In the street lighting market, for example, this solution can be of great interest because it can also be installed inside old cabinets that are difficult or too expensive to replace.

The ESB001 can be easily integrated into retail lighting, petrol stations and shopping centres; thanks to a very low thermal output of only 1.1 W, the individual units have no problems with overheating, an important requirement given the compact DIN rail installation.


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