The first professional LED neon strip with 360° round luminous surface

Published : 02/02/2021 11:00:00

The design lighting sector is constantly evolving and thanks to the close collaboration between Digimax and Colors the new round silicone LED strip is now available. The circular design of the NNR25 is revolutionary and lends itself to endless lighting applications. This neon flex led has a diameter of 25 mm and incredible resistance and flexibility, it can be curved and bent so you can design your lighting and space freely. The light is diffused evenly through high luminous efficiency, thus ensuring optimum visual comfort.

The first cuttable and customisable silicon LED strip

The new version of the 360° round LED neon strip offers a feature that makes it the object of desire for lighting designers and installers: the length can be adjusted in an extremely simple and functional way, guaranteeing all the initial technical characteristics. Thanks to the special extrusion process, it is possible to cut the LED strip according to the requirements of the application.


Striscia led neon flex al silicone con sezione circolare tagliabile a piacimento

What are the technical characteristics of the round LED strip?

With NNR25, fantasy becomes reality and there are no limits to the type of lighting application.

  • Light source: high luminous efficiency, LM80 test proved
  • Process and material: high light transmittance, food-grade environmental silicone material, integrated extrusion molding technology and high protection level
  • Optical design: unique optical light distribution structure design, uniform lighting surface and no shadow
  • Appearance design: compared with the traditional neon tube or PVC guardrail tube, the silicone material has good flexibility, the simple and stylish appearance, which is exquisite and unique
  • Product certification: UL, CE and ROHS
  • Environmental features: resistance to saline solutions, acids&alkali, corrosive gases and UV
  • Working/storage temperature: -30~55℃ / 0℃~60℃
  • Life span: 36000H, 3 years warranty


Strip led rotonda applicazioni di illuminazione

WHITE or RGB version? Which one to choose?

NNR25 evolves and is now also available in RGB version. The first professional RGB flex neon LED strip with 360° illumination surface is a reality. The revised and improved solution maintains a 25mm diameter and 24V input and provides a real wow effect. Thanks to the special dust-proof extrusion process, it is possible to use NNR25RGB and let your imagination run wild by modifying its length according to the needs of the application.

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