USB Type-C connector will become the standard for adapters and power supplies

Published : 09/22/2022 10:00:00

The types of connectors present in the power supply and connection of electronic devices market are many and with different characteristics. Some of these respond to the demands and technological evolutions of the market while others represent outdated solutions which, however, maintain their presence firmly.

The presence of different and incompatible chargers for electronic devices led the European Commission to a precise decision, establishing a single standard for charging portable devices in order to protect end consumers and reduce the waste of electronic waste.

USB Type C - Standard Europeo per la ricarica

The spread of cables and connectors for electronic devices

To better understand the causes that led to this important decision, it is necessary to keep in mind some aspects of this market. During 2020, approximately 420 million portable electronic devices were sold in the European Union, with an average of about 3 different chargers per user. The situation that has arisen is therefore not only inconvenient but also costly for consumers, who spend around 2.4 billion euros a year on the purchase of stand-alone chargers . To complete the circle, we cannot fail to consider the strong environmental impact deriving from over 11,000 tons of electronic waste every year.

For over 10 years, the European Commission has been aiming to reduce the number of charging solutions for smartphones and portable electronic devices, with the aim of identifying a common power solution .


Adattatori per PC desktop con UPS e funzione di backup

USB Type-C: the single European standard since 2024

The USB-C connector, also called USB Type-C, is the cable connection standard for data transmission and power. The evolution of this interface now allows Type-C connectors and cables to support data transfer rates up to 480 Mb / s , through a resistant and symmetrical design, which is certainly not trivial.

The devices that need to be recharged via cable, as well as the target of this important directive are many:

  • Smartphone and tablet
  • E-reader
  • Earphones and headphones
  • Digital cameras
  • Portable consoles
  • Keyboards mouse

As for laptop power supplies, the issue is different; the legislation will in fact see application after 40 months from its entry into force (Autumn 2024), in such a way as to allow manufacturers to adapt to the legislation in an adequate time, consequently consequent to the scope of the type of device.

The indications on a more stringent standard also on the minimum power level that the chargers can deliver have not passed. In fact, each device requires more or less demanding standards in terms of power, not to mention fast or ultra-fast charging .

Normativa Europea per adattatori LED

What are the devices that need charging via USB-C?

Wall-mount adapters are devices that allow you to connect systems, peripherals and devices with different characteristics to each other. The areas of application of the adapters are very varied according to the output power and can include consumer electrical devices, telecommunications devices and industrial equipment.

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