What are the best Industrial OLED Displays for 2021

Published : 07/14/2021 10:30:00

The use of industrial displays within data visualisation applications has been a must for years. The application of shock and scratch resistant TFT LCD technology displays allows access to vital information even in spaces unsuitable for electrical equipment. The partnership with Raystar has enabled Digimax to offer custom displays at the forefront of market needs, combining performance, price and reliability.

Display professionali OLED per applicazioni industriali

4.3" High Brightness IPS TFT with PCAP (Support HDMI Signal)

RFE43VW-1YH-DHG is a 4.3-inch, 480x272 pixels color active matrix TFT LCD display with projected capacitive touchscreen (USB interface). It supports Raspberry PI system HDMI signal (Only DVI), but there is no built-in EDID (Extended display identification data) parameter to support PC HDMI signal.

This TFT module has IPS screen which allows users to see the display clearly at wider angles. The brightness is 800 cd/m2 with contrast ratio 800:1 and RFE43VW series also supports PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) function for adjusting LED backlight brightness. HDMI connector and USB cable are optional accessories. The module is able to support Raspberry Pi up to 3B+ (Pi 4B is included). Please note the standard package of RFE43VW-1YH-DHG doesn’t include any HDMI connector or USB cable. Therefore, customers need to be aware that it’s necessary to prepare a micro HDMI to HDMI connector on their own.


7" 800x480 IPS TFT LCD Display with RTP

RFF700A9-AWW-DNS is a 7-inch LCD Cell with thin film transistors as active elements and contains 800 (H) x 480 (V) pixels. Each pixel is divided into red, green and blue dot, which are arranged in vertical stripe. The cell is normally black mode, and can be applied to the transmission type display.

RFF700A9-AWW-DNS is a 7” IPS TFT-LCD display with resistive touch screen featuring wide temperature ranges. This TFT module has IPS screen which allows users to see the display clearly at wider angles. The brightness is 350 cd/m2 with contrast ratio 1000:1. Thanks to the help of a anti-glare display surface, the screen doesn’t reflect light and preserves better image quality.

Display industriali Raystar per il mondo industriale

0.96 inch 128x64 COG OLED Knob

R&D team of Raystar has recently developed REX012864Z series: a COG OLED display with rotary switch. The size of active area is 21.74 × 10.86 mm (0.96” diagonal), and the resolution is 128x64 pixels. IC SSD1306 supporting 4-line SPI and I2C interfaces is utilized in this display. There are 3 emitting colors to choose from, including white, yellow, blue. This OLED rotary switch is a good fit for applications such as coffee maker, audio visual equipment, smart appliances, and so on.


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