What does Dim to Warm mean and how can this technology be used?

Published : 11/22/2021 11:30:00

The term Dim to Warm refers to the special LED technology with which it is possible to reduce the colour temperature of a luminaire, thus offering the possibility of creating cosy and relaxing scenes. The aim of this technology is to create the heat sensation of halogen lamps, without sacrificing the benefits of LED technology.

The Colors LED strips proposed by Digimax are therefore essential for the creation of warm and welcoming scenarios through environmentally friendly solutions. Learn more about this technology and other professional lighting applications.

What are the features of Dim to Warm lighting solutions?

LED strips offered by Digimax are certified according to the latest technical standards, like new eco-design legislation for lighting, and can switch between 3000°K and 1900°K while maintaining almost the same luminous intensity.

This makes it possible to create lightscenarios and emotional sequences with an emotional impact, capable of leaving a lasting impression.


Strisce LED Dim to Warm di ultima generazione

What are the applications for Dim to Warm solutions?

The colour temperature of a light source is a physical quantity related to the hue of the light; is measured in Kelvin degrees, so that luminaires are perceived as warm (below ~3300°K), neutral (between ~3300°K and ~5300°K) or cold (above ~5300°K). This factor is very important when you want to get the most out of the light component and associate the right temperature with the right environment.

Here is a brief summary of colour temperatures in the most common situations:

  • 1000°K: warm light from a candle fire
  • 2700°K: warm light from an incandescent lamp
  • 3500°K: neutral light
  • 4900°K: light produced by the midday sun
  • 6500°K: ambient light in daylight
  • 7000°K: totally cloudy sky

The Colors Dim to Warm LED strips are the perfect solution to be able to controlling and managing light depending on the moment and the feeling you want to convey, easily switching from functional to warm and welcoming light. The scenarios can therefore be infinite and environments such as restaurants and luxury hotels can rely on impressive scenic effects.


Tecnologia Dim to Warm per scene e ambientazioni calde e accoglienti

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