XLG the new Driver LED series by Mean Well

Published : 07/12/2019 11:16:21

Mean Well, a leader company in the design and manufacture of LED Drivers, has already presented a few months ago the first power supplies of the XLG series but only now the entire series is complete.

The XLG series is the improvement of the already admired ELG series; Mean Well's engineers were able to produce a product with a more compact design (reduced size by 20~30%), lower cost, high efficiency (higher than 94.5%) and high operating temperature (-40°+60°C), thus able to respond to current trends in the LED lighting market.

Driver LED XLG by Mean Well

The XLG products covers a power range from 25W to 240W, ideal for most outdoor applications such as street lighting and outdoor installations as well as horticulture applications and indoor installations. The constant power design provides a wide range of voltage and current, allowing end users to choose between different LED sources. A single product is therefore required to cover the needs of a wider range of applications, eliminating the need to select different power supplies and thus ensuring high ease of use.


Thanks to the IP67 certification, the XLG LED drivers are perfect for outdoor installations exposed to stress and harsh environments; compliance with the main European (IEC61347) and international safety standards (CUL/CCC/CB/CE/ENEC/RCM/BIS/KC/PSE) also guarantees the highest standard of safety and flexibility worldwide, both during installation and use.

This revolutionary new generation of LED drivers, with an incredible price-performance ratio, has already received a great response from the public thanks to its design.

Here are the technical features of the XLG series by Mean Well:

  • Wide input voltage range 100 ~ 305V AC (Class I)
  • 12V or 24V output
  • Metal Case with IP67 code
  • Integrated PFC function
  • Protection against short circuit / overvoltage / overtemperature
  • 3 in 1 dimming function
  • Operating temperature range: Tcase - 40℃ ~90℃
  • 5 years warranty

Driver LED XLG Selection Guide

There are also 3 output types available for constant current applications: L/M/H.


This type is designed for full power operation from 700 mA to 1050 mA. The adjustable output current allows customers to adjust the current and power of the driver.


The M-type models offer an adjustable current from 1400 mA to 2100 mA. This solution is only available for the XLG-150.


The H-type design is based on the 56V output and provides different drive currents for different wattage usage. Type H is suitable for the supply of COB or SMD LEDs with a direct voltage below 56V, in particular for luminaires that require compliance with a SELV <60V.


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