Industrial Motherboard: Mainboard Digimax!

Industrial Motherboard

The evolution of industrial products brings an ever greater variety of form factors. What was once the realm of the ISA boards is now crowded with Mini-ITX boards and industrial motherboards of various formats including ATX industrial motherboards, MicroATX, Pico-ITX, etc.

Digimax offers a wide range of items, such as the Mini-ITX boards: industrial compact motherboards (170x170 mm), can be integrated into very compact chassis and offer a slot PCI or PCI Express expansion. The Mini-ITX boards replace, to date, the ISA boards (although they continue to be used when upgrading running projects, where mechanical compatibility with the installed hardware cannot be changed) and can be used in all those applications where a large number of expansion slots is not required.

In wall-mount or rackmount systems, the most widespread standard is that of industrial motherboards in the ATX format (developed for the industrial world) and MicroATX (reduced-format motherboard, 244x244 mm). The high reliability and the lack of compatibility problems linked to the management of a passive backplane, make these solutions stable and appreciated by all our customers, who consider it essential to provide high-quality products.