Tablet PC Rugged Winmate

The Rugged and PDA Tablet PC market

The market for rugged devices is dominated by PDAs, tablets, and notebooks. In the language of the users, the Rugged products differ from the Semi-Rugged for greater resistance to shocks and vibrations, an extended temperature range, a higher IP protection degree, a high-brightness display, better connectivity to field devices and the integration of the most widespread wireless communication technologies. Other terms that are often used to indicate this type of device are business-rugged, vehicle-rugged, durable or enterprise-rugged.

Within this sector, Digimax collaborates with the well-known company Winmate Inc., founded in 1996 in Taipei. This company has started to produce Industrial Displays and Touch Screens, to then expand production to products for Digital Signage, Industrial Panel PCs, Rugged Tablets and Handhelds for mobile applications such as Logistics and Storage, Assistance and Maintenance Services, Vehicle Fleet Management and the implementation of Augmented Reality in Process Automation.

Among its products, Winmate considers Rugged models M700D, M700DT4 and M970D, while called Ultra Rugged Tablet PC devices 8.4", 10.1" and 12.1". There is then another category of handhelds called" Industrial PDA "which are almost exclusively used for industrial applications and on specific vertical markets (the reference codes are C350T / C350M2, E430T / E430M2 or the S430 series).

Industrial PDA 3.5"- 4.3"

• C350T and C350M2 at 3.5", 440 nits
• E430T and E430M2 at 4.3", 400 nits
• S430t (keypad) and S430T (qwerty) at 4.3", 400 nits 

Rugged Tablet PC 7"- 9.7"

• M700D 7", 500 nits with Atom N2600
• M700DT4 7", 500 nits with Android 4.1
• M970D at 9.7", 350 nits with Atom N2600

Ultra rugged Tablet PC 8.4"- 12.1"

• R08ID8M-RTU1GP at 8.4", 500 nits
• R10IS8M-RTT2GP at 10.4", 700 nits
• R12IS8M-RTM7GP at 12.1", 700 nits