Computer embedded

Computer Embedded

An embedded system identifies all those electronic microprocessor processing systems specifically designed for a specific use and not user-programmable for other purposes. Often, in fact, these devices have an ad hoc hardware platform, integrated into the system they control and are able to manage all or part of the required functionality.

With embedded computers, the tendency is to use embedded operating systems such as Windows 7 Embedded and Windows 10 IoT (important tools in the diffusion of embedded computers in industrial applications, home automation, environmental monitoring, systems remote control and acquisition). These operating systems work well with embedded PCs in order to build robust applications both from the hardware and software point of view. The Windows 10 IoT system is an operating system that is typically tailored to the customer's application needs and the embedded computer on which it is installed.

An interesting function is the EWF function which, once activated, allows to abruptly shut down the PC without having to perform a regular shutdown.