Computer embedded

Choosing the pc embedded suitable for the needs of various industrial applications requires a deep knowledge not only of the available hardware products but also of the market and its evolutions. Identifying the correct hardware solution for industrial automation applications is therefore one of the tasks that Digimax carries out with extreme attention and competence. In fact, it is of primary importance to be able to identify the best embedded hardware products on the market according to the customer's needs, guaranteeing an assembly service, burn-in testing and custom set up.

What are the essential features of an industrial embedded pc?

An embedded system represents all those electronic processing systems designed specifically for a particular industrial use and not reprogrammable by the user for other purposes. Often, in fact, these devices have ad hoc hardware platforms, integrated into the system that they control and are able to manage all or part of the required functionality. The operating systems used also operate in symbiosis with hardware solutions in order to build rugged applications, both from the hardware and software point of view.

The industrial embedded solutions are distinguished by consumer platforms in several aspects, below we list the main ones:

  • Extended operating temperature
  • Extended power supply voltage
  • Fanless cooling system
  • IP protection
  • Resistance against vibrations
  • Longevity warranty
  • Specialized technical support


What is an embedded computer and why is it so important in industry?

An embedded pc is compact in size and typically made with a metal case; the absence of fans is compensated by the typical upper grid that acts as a heat sink, for this reason we speak very often of embedded pc fanless. This feature is extremely important because it removes moving parts and guarantees solidity and robustness to the entire product.

Embedded PCs are also equipped with interfaces typical of the industrial world, such as serial or VGA ports, embedded RAM and storage, and processors able to ensure high performance and long operation.

Computer embedded industriale per applicazioni di smart factory, IIoT e industria 4.0

Which solutions does Digimax propose in the industrial sector?

The applications in which Digimax has gained experience are many and range from embedded solutions for Artificial Intelligenceimaging and machine vision and face recognition for corporate security.

One of the most interesting solutions dedicated to industrial automation projects is represented by ARK-3520P. This embedded computer made by Advantech has two wide temperature RAM slots, two removable SSDs (hot swap mode), on board soldered processor and a considerable number of interfaces including expansion slots, Digital IO port, 4 USB ports, 8 COM ports, 2 LAN ports and wide power input connector.

PC embedded Advantech ARK-3520P

Consulting and support for industrial automation applications

Thanks to the competence of our technicians, we test and set up the solutions we propose in the company laboratory, as part of a complete consulting service.


Assemblaggio e test di computer embedded industriali