Flexible Led Strips: Torshare!

Torshare flexible led strips

The world of lighting is changing and we are increasingly turning to LED solutions. Digimax has decided to follow this market trend by offering, in addition to the power supplies, the Torshare LED strips.

Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we are able to offer complete solutions to those who have decided to invest in this technology. The flexible LED strips allow installers to illuminate any type of environment both internal and external thanks to the low voltage power supply, 12 or 24Vdc.

Digimax is able to provide Torshare LED strips for every need, regardless of color and IP protection degree. In addition to the colored models, the flexible LED strips are also available in all shades of white such as natural white, white and warm white.

Finally, in addition to the wide range of products, we can customize the LED strips at the customer's request, thus providing the best service and being able to satisfy any customer request.