Moduli LCD

LCD modules 16x2, 10.4", 6.5", 3.5"

Digimax is an Italian company specialized in the distribution of LCD display modules in TN / STN, CSTN, TFT and OLED technologies, including all related components such as cables, touch, controller, A / D board, in order to make any LCD module that must then be connected to an electronic processor with a microprocessor or to a embedded card with Intel x86 platform, AMD, Vortex.

We have a wide range of models in the most popular formats, namely LCD TFT 10.4 ", TFT 7", LCD 6.5 "and 3.5", with LVDS, TTL-RGB interface and all available with resistive or capacitive touch screen panels already integrated into the LCD module panel.

List of available models: 

  • Lcd 16x2
  • Lcd OLED
  • Lcd 3.5"
  • Lcd 6.5
  • Lcd 10.4"

In collaboration with major manufacturers such as DLC Display, AUO, Bolymin, we can supply transflective panels, LCD panels with wide temperature support and LCD modules with OLED technology and any other customized solution according to your specifications.

Find a solution of the best TFT 3.5 ", 6.5", 7 "and 10.4" at the following link Display TFT.