Online Sales Conditions Digimax


1) The commercial relations between the parties are regulated by the conditions of sale indicated therein, which exceed and exclude any other agreement, even verbal, previously agreed upon.

2) DIGIMAX srl accepts only orders from customers registered on the site with a VAT number.

3) Sales prices may be modified by DIGIMAX on the basis of market price trends and the exchange rates between the euro and other currencies.

4) DIGIMAX srl shall not be held responsible for the non-correspondence of the goods to the specifications indicated in the catalogue or for any other fact not attributable to DIGIMAX itself. The technical information printed in the catalogue is based exclusively on the data indicated by the manufacturers for which DIGIMAX assumes no responsibility. The company DIGIMAX srl reserves the right to delay the delivery of goods or cancel even partially the order received and will not be held responsible for such delay or cancellation if DIGIMAX is hindered or prevented by any cause that goes beyond the reasonable control of DIGIMAX or otherwise for the impossibility of obtaining the supply.

 5) The manufacturer's warranty applies exclusively to the goods supplied and refers to the correct use of the product. DIGIMAX srl, as it is not responsible for the production of the goods, will proceed to repair those products that present technical defects of construction according to the terms and conditions provided by the warranty indicated by the manufacturer with particular regard to the duration of the warranty period. In any case, DIGIMAX is liable for the product warranty only in the cases and under the conditions provided for by DPR 24.5.88 no. 224.

6) DIGIMAX srl delivers the material by courier GLS usually in 2-3 days, is not responsible for any late delivery of goods whose terms are always approximate. Delayed delivery cannot be considered a valid reason for the termination of the supply contract nor a reason for the unilateral decision of the buyer to defer payment of the supplies beyond the deadline set.

7) No return of goods is permitted without prior written authorisation from DIGIMAX srl, which informs the purchaser of the return number to be indicated in the travel documents. The request for the return of goods must be communicated in writing to Digimax by filling in the appropriate RMA form.

8) If the products supplied by DIGIMAX are exported, it is the customer's responsibility to obtain the necessary documents required by the export regulations. For any dispute the competent court is Vicenza.


Claims for breakages that are not contested in writing to the carrier on the D.D.T. Claims for defects or defects in materials must be made promptly upon receipt of the goods.

We accept return goods only after our authorization number and in the manner specified by us.

The packaging is in cardboard boxes and it's included in the price. 

Delivery times are purely indicative and in no way binding.

DIGIMAX reserves the right, in compliance with the regulations in force, to make, without notice, changes to improve the characteristics and performance of the products.

For any dispute, the competent court is the Court of Vicenza.