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Industrial Automation and Embedded PC Systems

Over the years DIGIMAX has increasingly specialised in the supply of products and integrated solutions for industrial automation and embedded PC systems.


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25 years of experience and the cooperation with international partners in Industrial Computing and Automation, have led the company to be a point of reference for the embedded industrial world, so much so as to qualify as the most important partner Advantech at Italian level and among the first at European level.

To develop integrated consulting and solutions, DIGIMAX works with the entire industrial ecosystem in mind: a complete supply chain of certified quality products, ranging from power supplies, to industrial embedded computers, to display and touch display and to integrated connectivity.

Each project is studied and implemented in the DIGIMAX laboratories, in synergy with the partner customer and the Product Managers and Field Application Engineers.

Target? Provide a ready to use solution with a set of products tested for the specific application required, and at the same time support the client with an effective consultancy service.



Customised DIGIMAX hardware and software solutions

DIGIMAX has chosen to offer a complete supply chain with leading industrial hardware manufacturers, to offer a product package valid from start to finish: from the embedded pc board, to the display with indoor/outdoor touch display, transmission and connectivity with industrial network switches, joysticks, industrial power supplies and wireless sensors.

In order to add value to the industrial hardware sector, DIGIMAX has established partnership with the main software houses, specialising in the various application functions required by the industrial market and in specifics vertical markets such as home automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, medical and transports.

We therefore offer a consultancy dedicated to the creation of customised Microsoft Embedded operating systems, with particular attention to the integration of tele-assistance and cyber security tools, in order to protect all the machines connected.

Thanks to selected partner suppliers and thanks to our professional team, DIGIMAX offers consultancy and customised solutions as a single group.

Industry 4.0 and IoT

When it comes to Industry 4.0 and IoT DIGIMAX is at the forefront in the design of a wide range of solutions suitable for smart factories.

The group is at the customer's service for the consultancy of every project related to technological innovation and Industry 4.0, and for the study of integrations or customisation of numerous IoT hardware products and systems.

In combination with hardware systems, DIGIMAX offers a complete and customised package with the most innovative software solutions and best suited to the applications required: from software integrations with cloud systems to the creation of dashboards for man-machine interfaces, developed for use on computers or mobile phones.