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Advantech: world leader in Industrial PC and IoT connectivity sectors

Advantech is a leading global manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for the industrial PC industry, with more than 3000 employees and a globally established presence.

The Advantech brand has a full range of computing and industrial automation products, such as chassis and rack PCs, industrial motherboards, panel PCs and embedded solutions, along with the production of web and cloud-based devices for plant control and supervision, including software and I/O modules for network signal acquisition and management.

One particularly innovative product line that Advantech is strongly focusing on is dedicated to industrial solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) sector: for example, Advantech's Edge Intelligence Server enables connectivity, management and data analysis of connected devices and sensors to improve operational efficiency and the enterprise 4.0 transition.

Digimax and Advantech partnership: more than 1000 products and technical support

Digimax, through its partnership with Advantech, is able to provide innovative and customized solutions for any application in industrial plant supervision, production control, factory automation, environmental and energy monitoring, building automation, home automation, remote control and remote maintenance, embedded applications, etc.

The well-established partnership between Digimax and Advantech has lasted for 15 years and is based on a constant and structured business approach aimed at continuous technological evolution, which can guarantee competitive prices, customized solutions and continuous support to the customer.

More than 1000 Advantech products including PoE switches, gateways and routers, embedded PCs and industrial monitors: choose Digimax as your partner for dedicated Advantech supply and support.

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