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Digimax and Rocktouch: display TFT touchscreen and custom cover lenses

Rocktouch is a young and dynamic company, specializing in the production of PCAP projected capacitive touch screens and protective glasses, with interactive features and advanced customizations.

Digimax is official distributor Rocktouch Italy to offer complete solutions formed by TFT displays and capacitive or multi-touch screens, for all sizes and specifications required by the industrial world.

In addition to the P-CAP projected capacitive touch screens, the strength of Rocktouch industrial displays are the 3mm or 6mm cover lenses in standard versions, available in white, black or transparent colors, and fully customizable to suit your needs and industrial project.

Projected capacitive screens and multitouch: what is PCAP technology

Rocktouch capacitive touchscreens possess integrated Chip on Flat sensors and controllers to provide customers with an all-in-one solution. Industrial display glasses have the same central pinout for all models, ensuring maximum scalability, and possess 2 or 4 holes for easy attachment.

The peculiarity of Rocktouch lies in PCAP touch screen technology, with which projected capacitive screens with multitouch function are produced. Multiple touch, in fact, is not compatible with conventional capacitive displays: through a network of conducting wires with vector voltage, the P-CAP technology found in Rocktouch TFT screens can recognize multiple touch points at a time.

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