Customisable TFT display kit and PC motherboard for industrial applications

Published : 11/12/2020 15:15:00

One of the most requested applications within industrial automation projects is surely the possibility to create and customize a kit composed by a TFT display and a PC board. The choice of the embedded pc suitable for your needs mainly concerns a unique and pre-assembled hardware component; the search for the right TFT display to combine with the right motherboard is instead a service that requires more familiarity in assembling components of different brands. Through the “Build your Kit” service, Digimax has been offering specific advice for years. Here is the offer in detail.

What are the best components for a display TFT + PC kit?

The components that constitute this type of kit are mainly 3, also customizable in various solutions. Thanks to partnerships with the most famous international brands, Digimax offers a wide range of TFT LCD display and touchscreen to be combined to the most innovative motherboards of brands such as AdvantechAAEON and IEI.

Come personalizzare un KIT LDC con display e scheda madre

Video interface: TFT display with touchscreen and custom dimensions

The range of monitors proposed by Digimax is wide and always up to date; here below the fundamental characteristics to keep well in mind:

  • Size: starting from very small 1" screens up to maxi screens over 80". The most requested standards are 4.3", 5", 7", 10.1", 15.6", 18.5" and 21.5".
  • Resolution: the best known are HD and Full HD but there are also lower resolutions such as 800x480 or 1024x600
  • Video interface: the most used are LVDS, TTL-RGB and HDMI
  • Touch technology: resistive or capacitive

There are also other features that should not be underestimated such as the brightness, the touch interface and the operative temperature range.

Industrial motherboards: motherboards with customizable form factor and processor

Industrial motherboards are typically selected according to three basic criteria: form factor, CPU and interfaces. Below is the detail:

  • Form factor: characterize the board format, the most common are Pico-ITX, 3.5" and Mini-ITX but there are also formats such as ATX, PC/104, 5.25"...
  • CPU: this is the processor used, which can be an iCore (i3, i5, i7 or i9) or Atom, Celeron, ARM...
  • Interface: to connect the motherboard to external devices via USB, Ethernet or serial ports.

Interconnection wiring and test and assembly service

Connecting industrial hardware and doing so for a large number of devices is a complex task and not always as simple as you might think. In this case we follow the assembly activity with testing and control to ensure that nothing is left to chance, thus delivering a complete and guaranteed product.


Display LCD touch per applicazioni industriali

How to customise your TFT + PC display kit

Digimax is not limited to the supply of technological hardware and offers to all customers the wide range of services carried out within the specialized laboratory. After analysing the project and choosing the correct components, the assembly, customisation and testing phase starts; these activities are included among the services offered by Digimax in order to guarantee a reliable and ready-to-use product.


Come assemblare un pc con display touch

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