Flicker-Free LED power supplies for flicker-free lighting applications

Published : 04/28/2021 14:30:00

To meet the growing demands of the smart farm lighting marketMean Well launches the NPF-200/HLG/ELG/ERP series available in various 150/200/320/400W wattages, which adopt a constant voltage, low ripple flicker-free design, making them suitable for this application.

Alimentatori LED Flicker-Free Mean Well

What is flicker and how is it controlled within a lighting project?

The term "flicker or flickering" refers to a visible change in brightness between cycles caused by changes in light (visible to the human eye if the flicker frequency is below 100Hz). Even lighting used within smart agriculture has entered the world of smart control and is able to adapt to the physiological characteristics of the environment and project objectives.

Forma d'onda della tensione e della corrente di dimmerazione PWM

Professional lighting must therefore adapt to the size of the project by customising the power, the number of lamps configured and many other parameters that can be controlled dynamically. The constant voltage attenuation method can therefore be controlled by a 0 ~ 10 V signal provided by the control system.


Tensione di regolazione lineare vs corrente di uscita

Watch the video on dimming the HLG LED driver series

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