Nisshinbo Micro Devices: merger of Ricoh Electronic Devices and New Japan Radio

Published : 01/12/2022 10:00:00

As of 1 January 2022, Ricoh Electronic Devices and New Japan Radio completed their merger by acquisition within the Nisshinbo Group, leading to the creation of a new company: Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.

The development of Nisshinbo's micro-device business was mainly driven by the two subsidiaries, which are famous in the market for integrated circuits and operational amplifiers. Taking into account recent technological developments such as 5G and 6G networks, the shift to electric vehicles, the advent of the super-intelligent society and industrial restructuring, Nisshinbo Group has decided to focus on further business expansion in pursuit of its "Connect Everything" mission.

Fusione tra Ricoh Electronic Devices e New Japan Radio all'interno del gruppo Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.


Nisshinbo Micro Devices: new leadership for micro devices

The newco “Nisshinbo Micro Devices” will aim to provide increasingly high-performance and environmentally friendly solutions, drawing on the strength of its established and cutting-edge know-how, actively contributing to the development of an increasingly connected and ultra-smart society.

The merger of the two companies will ensure the achievement of greater goals and successes through synergy and demonstrated business capabilities.

The part numbers of existing products will not change, but new products entering the market from 2022 onwards will be named according to new rules.

Nisshinbo Micro Devices - Fusione e nascita del nuovo leader mondiale dei microcomponenti

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