The importance of European Standard EN61347 for LED power supplies and adaptors

Published : 06/22/2022 10:00:00

The ecosystem of products dedicated to LED lighting has become increasingly comprehensive, demonstrating the advantages of this technology such as reliability, long life, miniaturization, and an incredible degree of control and customization.

Thanks to the latest trends gravitating around the topic of reducing environmental impact, the European LED lighting market has clearly turned to more energy-efficient and sustainable lighting systems, a trend that has been firmly imposed with some European regulations and directives such as EN/IEC 61347 and the EcoDesign standard, and some organizations such as EPREL (European Product Registry on Energy Labelling).

So not only changes with a focus on general and safety requirements, but also directives in how to certify lighting fixtures and more specific requirements for handling import and export activities.

Adattatori LED certificati lighting EN61347 - Serie GSV da 30W e 60W

What is EN/IEC 61347 and why is it so important?

EN/IEC 61347 identifies the general and safety requirements for power supply and control units for lamps up to 250V direct current and up to 1000V alternating current, at 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The document was published by CEI (Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano) by going to incorporate the original English text published by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in such a way as to define all requirements for each type of luminaire.


Standards and certifications for LED lighting

LED adapters for wall mounting with lighting certification EN61347

With the new GSV30 and GSV60 series of wall-mount LED adapters, Mean Well has made customizable power supplies in line with the latest lighting directives including EN61347 certification.

The logistical difficulties still present internationally have made these wall-mount power supplies extremely sought after, and thanks to a direct partnership with Digimax, they are now available for the Italian market.

Ideal for table lamps, advertising displays and floor lamps, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly lighting solutions can be designed with this series of LED adapters.

The GSV30 and GSV60 series is Class II and SELV compliant, with double-insulated design and in line with current European standards. Three output voltages of 12V, 24V and 48V are also available, with the ability to directly connect high-efficiency LED strips or PWM or RGB control controllers.

The unique design of these wall-mount adapters allows them to be used integrated into the sockets of lamps and visual displays to improve both the protective and safety features and the overall aesthetics and harmony of the finished product.

Here are some of the most interesting technical features:

  • Input range 180~264V with PFC
  • Class II and SELV with double insulation
  • EN 61347 Certification
  • ErP Certification
  • Short circuit, overvoltage and overload protections
  • Constant voltage mode design
  • 3 years warranty


Normativa Europea ErP per illuminazione ecologica ad altissima efficienza

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