Digimax group history

History of Digimax - eng

The history of Digimax begins in 1996, year of the foundation of the company, that has always interpreted and meets market demands and that, after about 10 years of activity, reaches the 10 million euro turnover target.

The company continues to grow, until 2013, when it moved to a new, larger, modern location, able to accommodate the growing number of collaborators and customers.

In 2015 the Digimax Group was born, becoming the Italian reference point in the supply of components for the world of industrial power, industrial PCs and LED lighting.

The Digimax Group is born from the union of 3 historic companies in the sector:

  • Digimax: a national leader in the distribution of industrial power supplies, LED and PC drivers and industrial displays;
  • Velco: a company founded in 1972, specialized in the distribution of electronic components within the industrial and lighting sectors;
  • Dalcnet: a company founded in 2010, specialized in the design and production of a wide range of products and complete and integrated solutions for the lighting sector such as LED drivers and dimming units.

In 2017 the Digimax group closes the balance sheet with a turnover of over 50 million euros and continues the investment phase to improve the range of solutions for its customers.

In 2018 the new Showroom and the new Digimax LAB, areas where it is possible to see and analyze solutions dedicated to the PC & industrial display market, lighting, industrial power supply, and components.

In 2019 the new online e-commerce platform was created that Digimax customers can use to better manage the entire purchase flow.

In 2020 the project dedicated to an online B2B platform is launched, within which Digimax customers can make purchases, view documents in cloud and schedule orders according to supply in complete autonomy.

During 2021, Digimax has fully acquired Dalcnet, a made in italy manufacturer of led dimmers and control units and in 2022 the new company CRM platform has been made operational to improve internal business processes and relationships.

Recent years have been characterized by strong growth and the consolidation of Digimax as a point of reference for the world of consultancy and distribution for industrial automation and professional lighting applications.

Driven by a strong propensity for innovation and projected into the future, Digimax continuously invests to be able to offer its customers the best possible service as well as the best solutions available on the market.

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