KNX and building automation: what is it, how does it work and what are the advantages

KNX is establishing itself as the new open world standard for automated control of residential, commercial, industrial, office and public buildings.

All KNX certified devices encode useful data according to the KNX standard, thus ensuring compatibility between products of different manufacturers even within the same installation; thanks to these characteristics it is therefore possible to obtain the maximum flexibility both within new installations and within existing installations.

What are the main KNX applications?

The ideal applications for the KNX standard are multiple and guarantee the required functionality within intelligent buildings such as heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning system management as well as security system control and energy management, all through a single integrated and intelligent system. Below you can check details:

Prodotti KNX per applicazioni di building automation e domotica

Lighting control and management

By using the KNX standard, the lighting systems achieve a considerable energy saving thanks to the increase in efficiency, work in full respect of the environment and are more comfortable, flexible and easy to use.

Heating system control and energy efficiency

The heating/air conditioning system is an important part of the intelligent building control which, through the KNX standard, guarantees a reduced environmental impact, significant cost savings (up to 50%) and unparalleled comfort.

Solar lighting control systems

The lighting control can be used to measure the solar radiation value of a specific interior space, thus ensuring the best possible comfort.

Security and surveillance

With a single KNX project it is possible to manage intrusion detection systems, fire protection systems, flood detectors and in general building monitoring. The components used can be used at the same time for different purposes in such a way as to operate synergistically, providing a dynamic range of functions in the same installation.

Also included are applications such as ventilation control, audio/video system management, water management and many others.


Digimax is official KNX Italy member

The KNX Italy association has represented for over 25 years a point of reference for the entire ecosystem of manufacturers, distributors, system integrators and research centers that have chosen KNX technology as the standard for the realization of domotics and smart building systems. KNX Italy represents KNX Association at national level, the Brussels-based European association created thirty years ago by the merger of EIBA, BCI and EHSA.

The activity of KNX Italia pursues precise objectives:

  • spreading knowledge and application of the KNX system;
  • contribute to the standardisation of the KNX system according to existing standards;
  • train and support installers, designers and system integrators who want to approach the KNX universe through the organization of specific courses;
  • promote the visibility of the KNX system through dedicated events and seminars;
  • provide technical support to professional electricians.

Digimax è membro ufficiale KNX Italia - Domotica, Smart Building e Impianti KNX

What products are required for a KNX application?

The flexibility and reliability of this standard are the real strengths of KNX solutions and Mean Well, a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial power supplies and LED drivers, has developed an entire ecosystem of products to ensure more and more solutions in this field.

Thanks to full security certificates, fast delivery and integrated solutions, the Mean Well KNX series, distributed in Italy by Digimax, is particularly suitable for smart building, security, surveillance and energy efficiency projects. The ideal applications for this new standard embrace a wide range of functions typically required within buildings such as heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning system management as well as security system control and energy management, all through a single integrated and intelligent system.

Digimax is official Mean Well partner for Italy and is able to offer all the products designed for the KNX system through a set of integrated and complete solutions for the industrial sector.

Prodotti KNX per applicazioni di domotica e smartbuilding

Below is a brief overview of KNX by Mean Well products:

Prodotti Mean Well per applicazioni KNX proposti da Digimax

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